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2018 Stanley Cup Champions

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Movie Trailers Inception Style

One of the latest fads on YouTube is mashing up the music and/or the dialog from the Inception movie trailer with scenes from other movies to make a new tralier for that movie. Like these for Caddyshack, Star Wars, Toy … Continue reading

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Who Wants to Date a Faux Canadian?

As a hockey fan, yesterday’s entry from My Very Worst Date (MVWD) caught my eye for a number of reasons. Here’s a suggestion for both sexes: if you’re going on a date and absolutely have to watch the game, don’t ignore your date. It’s probably better to schedule the date for a non-game night. Bonus tip: no one is turned on by fake Canadian accents. (Real ones are a different story.) Continue reading

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These Bears Aren’t From Hershey

I was going to write a long post about the recent Don Cherry fiasco and Canadians’ response to it, but decided instead to post a video of bears playing hockey, since there were some similarities to last night’s game. Notably, the bears are better players than David Koci. Continue reading

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It Is Pond Hockey Weather

We brought you the Washington premiere of Pond Hockey in November of last year. Now, though SnagFilms, you can watch it online. It is well worth your time and will make you want to grab your skates and head outside. … Continue reading

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Premised on Pity: A Hockey Blogger’s State of the Redskins Address

(NOT Ashburn, Va., July 30) — How do you like my dateline? Time was, the arrival of Redskins’ training camp, which starts today, was a dress-like-Johnny-Cash-in-black occasion for team OFB. It meant the continuation start of the season of grave … Continue reading

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WPL Roundtable, 16 April 2009 – Take 2

We tried posting this on Friday, but YouTube had other ideas in not processing the video. After a second video conversion and upload, YouTube finally decided to play nice.
So here, better late than never, is the Washington Post Live Roundtable from 16 April, 2009. And remember, hindsight is 20/20. Continue reading

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“I’ll see you when I see you”

Earlier this month, we told you that Russ Thaler would be leaving his hosting duties at Washington Post Live. Yesterday was Russ’ last show as host and we thought we’d share his final ‘Post Script’ with you. Continue reading

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Today’s Moment of Levity

In case you missed it, check out these recent Pearls Before Swine strips. Continue reading

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This Teen Is Out To Trick You

Trevor Leahy. Does his name ring a bell? Probably not, but that may change soon. Leahy is a goaltender for his high school hockey team in Hampton, New Hampshire. He was doing what every high school student does, daydream in class. The difference, though, was his dream. Leahy was wondering why he was wearing dark blue pads when what the other team is looking for is the open part of the net? Continue reading

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