This Teen Is Out To Trick You

Camo Pads - Photo by Lisa Poole - Boston GlobeTrevor Leahy.  Does his name ring a bell?  Probably not, but that may change soon.  Leahy is a goaltender for his high school hockey team in Hampton, New Hampshire.  He was doing what every high school student does, daydream in class.  The difference, though, was his dream.  Leahy was wondering why he was wearing dark blue pads when what the other team is looking for is the open part of the net?

Boston Globe reporter
David Rattigan tells the story of Leahy’s dream coming to life.

computer skills he learned in a graphic design class at the private
school in South Hamilton, Leahy sketched out new leg pads that blend
into the goal netting behind him. He wanted pads, a trapper, and a
blocker that are white with a raised double-stitched design, just like
the goal. He applied for a design patent and had them custom-made by a
Canada-based pad maker.

“When the shooter comes down and only has
a split second to shoot the puck, they’re looking for net,” said Leahy,
a senior from Hampton, N.H., who grew up in Byfield. “If you put the
net on the pad, they’ll shoot at the pad instead of the goal.”

There is no scientific evidence that Leahy’s pads are truly tricking the shooters, but he has backstopped two shutouts since receiving the pads.  His patent is pending and he wrote a paper on his design process as part of his application to the University of New Hampshire where he has been granted early admission.

Be sure to read the whole story here.

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6 Responses to This Teen Is Out To Trick You

  1. Lee (PTO) says:

    Goalie camouflage? Wicked!

  2. NuftGoddess says:

    Pretty clever idea!!! Impressive, most impressive.

  3. Bucky Katt says:

    As an engineer, I always wondered when someone was going to get around to implementing a pad design to trick the eye of the shooter. That sort of design stuff has been around quite a while.

  4. Scott in Shaw says:

    I’m guessing the white portion on the inside edge of Johnny’s pads have roughly the same effect.
    See this photo for example.

  5. MulletMan says:

    I think those pads would look great with the retro Habs jersey.

  6. as a goalie, this is awesome. but i can’t see the NHL ever approving these pads.

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