Museum of High Art

Welcome to On Frozen Blog’s Museum of High Art. We thought also of naming it Le Louvre of Puck. Pucksandbooks regards himself as the museum’s curator.

Since the University of Kentucky’s hockey poster program has become so popular, and because we regard beautiful women outfitted in merely hockey sweaters a feat ever resistant to the vicissitudes of fashion trends, we decided to post pictures of all the past years’ posters. Simply click on one of the images below, or one of any of the names, for a larger, culturally edifying experience.

1998-1999 featuring
Ashley Judd

1999-2000 featuring
Rebecca Gayheart

2000-2001 featuring
Leah Lail

2001-2002 featuring
Julie and Shawnie Costello

2002-2003 featuring
Kylie Bax

2003-2004 featuring
Amy Hayes

2005-2006 featuring
Alison List

2006-2007 featuring
Tara Conner