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The Canadian Way?

The February 28th edition of Coach’s Corner finds Don Cherry complaining about Alexander Ovechkin’s goal celebrations. Cherry wants to teach Canadian kids the “Canadian Way” so they don’t start acting like “those goofy soccer guys”. After showing some soccer goal celebrations, he compares them to Alexander Ovechkin. The segment ends with Cherry linking Ovechkin with Sean Avery. Continue reading


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3-0-1 versus Boston; Fastest to 40 Wins in Franchise History: Caps 4 / Bruins 3 – OT

3-0-1 versus Boston; Fastest to 40 Wins in Franchise History: Caps 4 / Bruins 3 – OT Continue reading

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Of Semin, Gabby says Greatness Is Already Here, and More Is on the Way

SovetskySport’s Dmitry Chesnokov passed along an audio file of an interview he conducted this week with Capitals’ Head Coach Bruce Boudreau. It was an illuminating exchange, with much of it focused on Alexander Semin’s development as an NHLer. Chesnokov asked the coach to assign a numerical rating, 1 to 10, for Semin on an array of evaluative categories such as “tactical ability,” “skating,” and “work ethic.” Continue reading

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A Former Capital Embarrasses Himself

The New York Islanders’ Brendan Witt shows little respect for the game with this concussion-causing elbow that knocked Nicklas Hagman out of the game. Continue reading

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On Frozen Pod, Episode 3 – Lost In Washington Post Wonderland

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post and the D.C. Sports Bog graciously hosted us recently in an infamous colleague’s office. We discussed local media’s bandwagon embrace of the very winning Capitals, and if it was likely to last; if the Caps became consistent winners, could there be a re-orienting of local media’s coverage hierarchy; and would he get a tattoo when the Caps win the Cup. Continue reading

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Neuvirth Remains Undefeated: Caps 4 / Thrash 3

Neuvirth Remains Undefeated: Caps 4 / Thrash 3 Continue reading

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Game Day Open Thread: Thrashers @ Capitals

Chat about the game before, during, and/or after. Or caption this image of a Brown Thrasher. Continue reading

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Scarlet Fever

When I first heard about Club Scarlet, I was curious to see what it would turn out to be. So many ideas sound great in theory, but fare poorly in execution, like caffeinated beer, deep-fried cupcakes, and “Designing Women” without Delta Burke. (I was going to add bacon poutine to that list, but knew there would be a few dissenters.) I’m glad to see that the Caps are marketing to women. It’s a difficult task; you don’t want to come off as patronizing, but how do you finesse the diehard fans and the casual onlookers at the same time? Club Scarlet is the team’s attempt at doing this. Continue reading

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Love Letter to Dan Steinberg

Dear Dan,
I wanna make out with you — in a Platonic kinda way.
Today, on the very front page of your newspaper, the Washington Post, you authored a stirring summary of the metamorphosis hockey has enjoyed in the nation’s capital. In your lead, you rightly noted that the Caps are enjoying “a surge of interest that rivals anything the franchise has experienced in its 35 years.” Soon thereafter, your investigatory efforts led you to suggest that the entirety of Verizon Center could well be sold out for hockey all of next season. Imagine.
I particularly enjoyed the headline that accompanies the story’s jump: “Once Cold, Now Cool, the Capitals Have D.C. Abuzz.”
Right now, I want to be held. In your office. Continue reading

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Complex Hockey Endorsement

The normally hoops-n-hip-hop obsessed Complex magazine has jumped on board the NHL bandwagon as an alternative to the financial and cultural wreck known as the NBA. Two of the mag’s top 5 reasons to start watching hockey instead of hoops are, basically, Alex Ovechkin. Continue reading

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