Complex Hockey Endorsement

The normally hoops-n-hip-hop-obsessed Complex magazine has jumped on board the NHL bandwagon as an alternative to the financial and cultural wreck known as the NBA. Two of the mag’s top 5 reasons to start watching hockey instead of hoops are, basically, Alex Ovechkin.

“For all its faults, the NBA has never lacked for watchable talent. But
if you’ve been steadfastly ignoring the NHL, you’ve been missing out on
the most electrifying athlete in sports today. LeBron’s great, Kobe’s cool, but Alexander Ovechkin is must-see TV.

…The common complaint about watching hockey on television–that it’s too
hard follow the puck–has been all but negated in the HD era. If you
can’t keep up now, it’s your problem, not the league’s.”

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1 Response to Complex Hockey Endorsement

  1. Jeff says:

    Good Stuff! I’m glad to see that some are catching on to the NHL and how exciting it can be, particularly with players like Alex O, Sid the Kid (I hate to say it), Malkin, Richards, Carter, among many others.
    Playoff hockey is the most exciting thing in sports. Basketball to me is boring – oh, there’s another basket, oh there’s another basket, just the 50 baskets before it! There’s no defense in the NBA, it’s just a bunch of guys playing shoot around.

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