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Rolling in Revenue

Wondering if the collective bargaining agreement is proving to be a good move fiscally for the players? Today TSN reports that the NHL will have a $50.3 million salary cap for next season — an increase of more than $6 … Continue reading

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On Advocacy Journalism

CNN broadcaster Lou Dobbs appeared as keynote speaker at a National Press Club luncheon on Tuesday, where he was introduced as an “advocacy journalist.” It’s an identity, I learned, that he relishes. Formerly the host of CNN’s “MoneyLine,” he’s now … Continue reading

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Air Hockey (without the aching forearms)

Today’s my birthday . . . off to the Canadian Embassy for their Canada Day celebration this afternoon, then an evening of revelry at Dr. Dremo’s. No work for me! Since I’m told it’s better to give than to receive, … Continue reading

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Uniform Unveiling — Observations and Photos

The team wisely paid homage to its past by introducing some big-name former Capitals. Yvon Labre, Rod Langway, Mike Gartner (his first appearance in DC since he left the team), Kelly Miller, and Sylvain Cote are in the photo below, left to right. Cote, attired in cargo shorts and sandals, goofed around a bit and struck a surfer dude pose just before this photo, much to the delight of the fans and former players. Continue reading

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In Summer’s Sun, a Stunning Sports Page, June 22, 2007

All of us had travel commitments last Friday and missed hard copies of the day’s newspapers. A copy of Friday’s Washington Times, however, remained for pucksandbooks in his office on Monday, and Friday’s sports section front from it knocked him … Continue reading

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A BigMedia’s Must-See Sports

I really hate it when BigMedia takes a terrific story idea and dilutes its fun†with needless and distracting ideology/social commentary.†Most of us patronize sports to escape the shortcomings of the real world, after all. Jim Caple of ESPN’s Page 2 … Continue reading

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NHL Plans to Formulate Blogger Policy

In today’s Globe and Mail, William Houston continues a discussion started when the NCAA expelled a blogger from a college baseball game this spring. In the piece he mentions the New York Islanders’ Blog Box but fails to discuss the … Continue reading

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Shortened Jail Term for Yet Another Athlete

Athletes generally get off easy when they break the law — well, easier than the general public at least. Whether it’s the money or the fame, most athletes receive lighter (or no) sentences for their transgressions when compared†the same crime … Continue reading

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Are You Qualified?

Another step in the off-season’s activities is tendering qualifying offers (QO’s) to Restricted Free Agents (RFA’s) to keep their rights (rights). QO’s were due today, and the Caps qualified the following players: Steve Eminger, John Erskine, Tomas Fleischmann, Jamie Hunt, … Continue reading

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Draft 2007: A Filling Stable Leads to a Deference for the Future

In the days immediately following the 2006 Entry Draft the Caps commonly earned exceptionally high evaluations for their work in Vancouver. The grade range generally ran from ‘A+’ to ‘A.’ The success of their 2007 draft, however, is inextricably linked … Continue reading

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