3-0-1 versus Boston; Fastest to 40 Wins in Franchise History: Caps 4 / Bruins 3 – OT

Victory Beer Toast

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7 Responses to 3-0-1 versus Boston; Fastest to 40 Wins in Franchise History: Caps 4 / Bruins 3 – OT

  1. Jessie says:

    semin is sick, and yet another phenomenally played game- impressive lack of penalties (…until those last 10 minutes of the third)!!!! c-a-p-s caps caps caps!!!!!

  2. mike says:

    The cardiac Caps strike again! So satisfying, but how about we get and keep a lead instead of this angst inducing style.

  3. Shirl says:

    And I just watched Dick Cherry on Hockey Night In Canada rant about how silly and stupid soccer players look when they celebrate a goal, then equate their celebration with Ovechkin’s joy at scoring…and with gleeful, ghoulish, badly dressed relish…predict, nay WISH FOR some ‘big defense man will be out there, in the weeds…and Ovechkin will come down center ice…and the defence man will cut him in half.”

  4. Sazzwho says:

    Just watched Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner on the Hockey Network. The guy is an a**. He critizes OV for celebrating, then practically calls for a defensemen some where to cut him in half. He states the OV is getting a free pass by everyone and “he doesn’t know why” So cheering and celebrating after a game is ok but intentionally going after someone is ok. Talk about a pitiful human being.

  5. sazzwho says:

    Looks like someone else was watching the same thing (at least I am not the only one who saw it). Funny he didn’t mention that the Canadian Mike Green does the same thing all the time for the Caps. My God…..

  6. Shirl says:

    Whups. Don Cherry. Eek, irritated Caps fan freudian slip.

  7. Bucky Katt says:

    Shirl…no you were right the first time! ;0)

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