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Bucci’s Beautiful Backyard

We are all familiar with ESPN’s John Buccigras due to his hosting of the now defunct NHL2Night and his weekly columns on Unless you saw Pond Hockey, you may not know he’s not only a reporter of the sport, but a participant, too — in his own backyard, noless.
His latest column and mailbag not only talks about the rebirth of the “Bucci Heritage Garden”, but gives us a few looks as well.
My backyard rink is up again here in Connecticut. The recent blast of arctic air has set us up for one of the finest stretches in Bucci Heritage Garden history. The kids have skated eight days in a row and 10 out of the past 12. Free ice, 30 feet from the back door. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from OFB

Among his collection of seasonal songs on ‘James Taylor at Christmas,’ Taylor covers Joni Mitchell’s classic ‘The River.’ It’s a lament of lost love, and its narrator expresses a longing for the care-free serenity of a frozen river, for skating.
We at OFB wish all of you only the prosperity of love and all the joys of the season, and if you’re fortunate enough to have as well a frozen river nearby, skate it for us. Continue reading

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Reflections on a Special Night

Our favorite Russian correspondent Dmitry Chesnokov passed along to us a translation of a SovetskySport interview of Capitals’ Head Coach Bruce Boudreau and his new netminder, Simeon Varlamov, from Saturday. SovSport has a lot of guys in North American cities … Continue reading

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Pond Hockey – Photos From The Washington D.C. Premiere

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A Monday Night at the Movies Folks Won’t Soon Forget

If nothing else I’ve learned this about our magnificent sport over the years: hockey enriches the lives of its players and fans, but the people in it actually have an uncanny ability to change lives. Mine got changed, again, on … Continue reading

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Wilson Tigers at Tonight’s Caps Game

Our friends the Wilson Tigers, DC’s only public high school hockey team, will be out in force at tonight’s Capitals-Rangers tilt selling official programs to raise money for their team. So as you enter the Phone Booth tonight, consider purchasing … Continue reading

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Cartoon Classic: Hockey Homicide

For your Sunday morning cartoon-viewing pleasure: The Loose Leafs take on the Ant Eaters in this 1945 Disney classic starring Goofy and, apparently, thousands of Goofy clones. Despite the oddly disturbing ‘toon title, it’s good stuff:

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Note to the Oilers: The Internet Is On Computers Now

If I’ve learned nothing else from Homer Simpson (and I haven’t), it’s that any idiot can attempt to use the Internet for personal gain. Case in point: the Edmonton Oilers. The only problem is that they don’t seem to understand … Continue reading

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Skate with The Great One

If you’ve always wanted to say, “Yeah, Gretz fed me this beautiful pass and I buried it top shelf,” and happen to have $11,000 lying around, check out the Wayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp VII. “Participants will spend 4 days skating … Continue reading

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Caps vs. Canucks: Live Blogging at the Fanhouse

Eric McErlain of the Sporting News and the AOL Fanhouse is hosting a live blog of tonight’s game from the Verizon Center. I’m actually seated next to him, and Rebecca from A View from the Cheap Seats is right down … Continue reading

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