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Problem Solved

I thought this Q&A from the Washington Post’s Tracee Hamilton was quite insightful. Strasburg is no Nyjer Morgan on skates, but I’m sure he can hold his own. Win-win! Continue reading

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A Night at the Nats Game

On Saturday, I was extremely fortunate to score a ticket to the President’s Club with my friend L. and the gentlemen of Two In The Box. I wasn’t sure what to expect, except that I knew it was going to be awesome. And I wasn’t disappointed. From the prime rib to the lobster mac ‘n cheese, the food was completely amazing. The views of the indoor batting cages and the press conference room were exciting. The in-seat delivery of food and beverages was helpful. But best of all was seeing Brooks Laich, John Carlson, and Karl Alzner (and his girlfriend) at the game. Continue reading

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Standing Tall In SRO

Last June, I wrote about my friend Kathryn who bought Standing Room Only (SRO) season tickets. I finally had a chance to experience SRO, at Friday night’s (disastrous) game vs. New Jersey. Continue reading

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The Second-Best Way to Watch an NHL Game

While I love watching the Caps on TV, I enjoy watching other NHL games as well. In the past I’ve had NHL Center Ice, which provides basic functionality but not much else. I was never a huge fan of it because there was always a dearth of HD games, at least through Verizon FIOS. So when I heard that NHL GameCenter was available via the PS3, I was intrigued. Continue reading

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Book Review: “My First Goal”

It’s been described as an exhiliarating moment, or to some, the monkey off their backs. When a player scores his first goal in the NHL, it’s one that he remembers forever (except for Gordie Howe, apparently). Hockey writer Mike Brophy’s … Continue reading

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From Sweat to Sanctuary in 30 Hours

The visiting team’s locker room at the Verizon Center is a dull one- gray, boring, and otherwise uninviting. However, it was recently transformed into temporary quarters for the Dalai Lama’s visit, according to CTV Washington. Continue reading

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Standing Up to Rock the Red

Remember in March when the Capitals announced that they were selling Standing Room Only (SRO) season tickets for next season? Well, I know someone who actually bought some. Continue reading

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The Secret to Jacques’ Success

Lucy Neatby is a Canadian knitter and writer, and produces a monthly newsletter. Her latest one included this nugget:

Knitting Tip
Do it daily and have fun!

Really, knitting is therapeutic for you. Here in Canada one of our most famous hockey goalies regularly used it to relieve stress before and after major games, and he had such a record of wins that people took notice. Its effects on the body and mind are not unlike those of meditation, but as a bonus you get a product to show for it. Knitting is a powerful form of re-creation and creation, all in one. So be good to yourself: knit. Continue reading

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Welcome to Bitterburgh

Need a job? There’s an opening in Pittsburgh, according to this Craigslist ad. Continue reading

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Caps Rap II

Last year it was the Caps Rap. Now, with the playoffs upon us, it’s time for Caps Rap II. Continue reading

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