NHL Store’s Terrible (Towel), And Black Friday Caps Sales

Check out the Washington Capitals’ Winter Classic gear in the NHL’s online store (or click here). What’s one of the first “Capitals” items available? That’s right: a Winter Classic Terrible Towel.

Let’s hope the NHL recategorizes the Terrible Towel as a Pittsburgh, not Washington, Winter Classic item, eh? After all, it says “A Pittsburgh Original” right there on the rag towel.

Where can you shop for Capitals and Winter Classic gear instead and be assured of a Pittsburgh-free zone? Head to the Verizon Center and/or Kettler Capitals Iceplex for your Capitals holiday shopping during their Black Friday sale.

The Capitals’ Team Store (the old Modell’s) at the arena will have Black Friday Specials before and during Friday’s Capitals-Lightning tilt; doors open at noon, with a special “Doorbuster” deal from noon to 1:00 p.m. Kettler, too, will have specials, including discounts on Winter Classic gear.

Click here for the sale details at each location—and let’s hope that on Friday the Capitals give the gift that’s on every fan’s wish list: a W.

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8 Responses to NHL Store’s Terrible (Towel), And Black Friday Caps Sales

  1. slawandfries says:

    You shall rue the day you disrespected the iconic Terrible Towel.

  2. CapsFan1975 says:

    Given that the “terrible” towel fits the Pens’ color scheme more than that of the Caps, I’m not buying one. No way! No how!

    Someone once suggested that what Caps fans should do … is to bring the red beach towels that were given out on Fan Appreciation Day in April 2009 and wave them as our towels instead of the little itty bitty terrible towels. Sounds like a plan — except I can’t find mine.

  3. badvibesdude says:

    Every official Terrible Towel sold benefits a school for autistic kids. Myron Cope’s son was autistic. He gave the rights to it over to the school. As a keepsake, I realize it might be slanted to Pittsburgh, but you could do a lot worse and it goes to a good cause.

  4. Grooven says:

    Every team has some variation of the towel now. But it’s definitely a Pittsburgh thing.
    In thinking back, have the Caps ever won a game when the boo-hoo rags were given out as a promo?

  5. OvieTracker says:

    The Terrible Towel is TERRIBLE as a Winter Classic item. It’s too Pittsburghy, definitely NOT for Caps fans. Do I detect a whiff of pro-Pens bias here?

  6. Penguins Fan says:

    Keep up the snide comments. The Terrible Towels, and all of its variants, support The Allegheny Valley School, a home for people with severe autism and other developmental disabilities. Don’t like it? Don’t buy one. Do a little research before making stupid comments.

  7. @BadVibes: The WC towel makes no mention that any portion goes to charity — I know the regular TT sales do, but does this one? I hope it does… either way, I’d rather donate straight to a charity than to buy a Pittsburgh-themed item. 🙂 I usually donate to Athletes Against Autism, the charity co-run by Olie Kolzig.

  8. 2 Penguins Fan: Nobody’s dissing the AVS (though the NHL makes no mention of part of the sales from this towel going to charity). The complaint, I believe, is that the obviously-Pittsburgh Towel is listed as a Capitals item on NHL.com.

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