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Winter Classic Sweater Is Caps’ “New” Third Jersey

The Washington Capitals will revel in retro this season: 16 away games will have the Caps in white throwback jerseys, with red pants and white helmets.

Per the Caps’ press release, here are the opponents who will see the old-school look… one can only hope that those teams with throwback sweaters of their own will follow suit (apologies for the pun). It would be great to see the Devils in their old pizza-box unis, the Habs rocking the stripes, and so cool if the Jets break out their original kit. Continue reading

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Confirmed: No Blu-Ray For 24/7 Penguins Capitals

For those of you who were holding off pre-ordering HBO’s “24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic” to see if HBO was going to announce a Blu-Ray version (as I was), wait no longer: HBO will be releasing Pens/Caps on DVD only.

HBO’s Sports Media Relations department confirmed that no Blu-Ray version is planned; they also pointed out that “this [will be] the first time a ’24/7′ has ever been available for purchase.” In other words, baby steps. Continue reading

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Ovie Comes On Down To The Price Is Right

Set your DVRs for goofy fun: Ovie will be on The Price Is Right on Monday, December 20th at 11:00 a.m. Eastern.
How much would you pay to see a Happy Gilmore-type throwdown, except this time between Sidney Crosby and the newly-svelte Drew Carey? Continue reading

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Schultz: “I Was a Wanted Man”

Our buddy Murf at Homer McFanboy sat down with Jeff Schultz to discuss the beating he took Monday, the chances of his thumb healing in time for the Winter Classic, and which Capitals are the most likely to shine on HBO. Read all about it here. Continue reading

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NHL’s Countdown to the Classic Begins

December is hereā€”and the NHL has released its Countdown to the Classic month-long schedule of Classic-related events.

Of note are the four official broadcast dates for HBO’s “24/7” series, as well as intriguing NHL.com coverage of the building of the rink (time-lapse video, interactive features, etc.). Read on for much, much more: Continue reading

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NHL Store’s Terrible (Towel), And Black Friday Caps Sales

Check out the Washington Capitals’ Winter Classic gear in the NHL’s online store (or click here). What’s one of the first “Capitals” items available? That’s right: a Winter Classic Terrible Towel.

Let’s hope the NHL recategorizes the Terrible Towel as a Pittsburgh, not Washington, Winter Classic item, eh? After all, it says “A Pittsburgh Original” right there on the rag. Continue reading

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Washington Capitals’ New Threads Debut Today

Washington Capitals’ New Threads: Vote now! Continue reading

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