Caps Picked Up Their Socks: Caps 3 / Canes 2

D.C. Sports Bog post on having to “pick up their socks”.

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2 Responses to Caps Picked Up Their Socks: Caps 3 / Canes 2

  1. Hittman says:

    With those 3 assists, Ovy is on pace for 103.3 pts this season, which is pretty good. So even after slumping for the first 23 games of the year, more or less by GR8 standards, he’s still on pace for a season that 99.9% of the league would call a career year. He’s probably not going to put up 50 goals this year, but if he gets even remotely hot his “slump” will not have hurt his stats. Of course, right now everyone is competing for 2nd place with Stamkos on the tear that he is.

  2. OvieTracker says:

    It was especially nice to see the Caps play a complete game for a change, and to see Ovie more active and engaged. Whatever Boudreau said to the team, and his moving Ovie to RW, sure paid off handsomely. The losing streak is over, and now it’s the Bolts and Steven Stamkos up next. Bring it on!

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