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Hockey: The Mixed Martial Arts of Curling

John Hodgman has a little fun with our favorite sport in his new comedy special “Ragnarok”, which debuted on Netflix today Continue reading

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Time For The Stars To Shine

If the Capitals succeed, it starts all over again… but for now, for tonight, all those “one game at a time” and “it’s a one-game series” cliches ring true. Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Teams

So where was this Capitals team for the first month of the season? Two goals in the first 3:10, which chased Panthers’ starting netminder Jacob Markstrom. Then two more on Scott Clemmenson to make it four goals on their first eight shots. Three points each for Ovechkin and Ribiero, plus ratings handed out like Halloween candy, and a confident performance by Braden Holtby just one bounce shy of a goose egg. Continue reading

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Lockout Ruminations: It’s Nothing Personal

This lockout drives home a basic truism about the NHL that we’d do well to remember: in the words Mario Puzo, “It’s nothing personal, only business.” Continue reading

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New Ice Rink Coming to DC

NHL players aren’t skating — but that shouldn’t stop ?you ?from lacing up. Canal Park @ Navy Yard will debut its new ice rink on November 16. More info available at Prince of Petworth or the Canal Park website. Continue reading

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Bobblehead Lockout

Not even the bobbleheads in my office are immune to the lockout… well, except for the owner (of the nuclear power plant, that is). Release the hounds…

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Down and (Locked) Out

Derailing the NHL’s modest momentum with a lockout will reduce the money pot the owners and players share. So how is holding fans hostage helping their bottom line? It’s not—yes, the league needs a new CBA, but the chasm between the two sides speaks more to a clash of egos than a reasonable negotiation. Continue reading

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Hitting the Ice a Man Down

Some say one must embrace hockey from birth to really appreciate it. Oh, you can become a fan of this great sport no matter your upbringing — but if you didn’t grow up with it, then it’s something you learn to like, not something you breathe.
I breathe hockey. And I owe that all to my dad. Continue reading

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El Sombrero Rojo de las Capitales

To whomever thought to bring a red sombrero to a Capitals game on Cinco de Mayo: Well played! Continue reading

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Skating in the District, 1940s-Style

I enjoy delving into the storied past of my adopted home of Washington, DC. The rare times that my love of hockey and DC history intersect? Well, those moments (like this one) are perfect for boosting a bleary-eyed blogger after three overtimes. Continue reading

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