OFB and TBD Team Up

If you haven’t yet heard of TBD.com, it’s a “hyper-local” website that will cover news, sports, and all things DC. TBD.com is owned by Allbritton Communications, which also owns Politico, NewsChannel 8 and ABC7 WJLA-TV. TBD is Jim Brady’s online local-news venture, and its cross-media presence creates some terrific opportunities. Brady, former head of washingtonpost.com,  knows a thing or two about engaging readers in new and exciting ways.

TBD will have 20-30 reporters producing original content, but a core part of the site will be the network of bloggers they’ve been busily assembling. They’ve asked OFB to join their community network—and we are very excited to become a part of what they’re doing.

TBD.com explains the concept behind the Community Network:

When you come to TBD’s home page or one of our topical pages, you will see content from across the region from a variety of sources. We will present the biggest stories that we think will be important and interesting to people throughout the metro area. And we will sort news by location, offering you news that’s important to you because it’s close to where you live, work, play or shop. When you click the links, some headlines will take you into the TBD site to content produced by our staff. Other links will take you away to content from our network members or other news sources in the community.

We won’t restrict our network members by traditional journalism standards. Some bloggers practice pretty traditional journalism, maintaining independence from the sources and institutions they write about. Others write about their personal passions and their own communities, openly acknowledging them. We welcome that variety in the network. We probably at some point will provide a place on our site where the bloggers will tell more about themselves. But for now, we think discerning readers and viewers can judge the perspective and expertise that bloggers bring to their work.

What does this partnership mean for OFB? TBD decided to make us a part of their enterprise for what we already were, not what they can make us into. We liked that.  At the same time, part of our spirit has been to evolve, and this partnership presents us with an exciting opportunity to explore new media outlets and new audiences. So, while what we say won’t be changing, we’ll have more options for where and how we say it.

Technically their site hasn’t launched yet . . . but they’ve already built a terrific roster. In addition to OFB, there’s Live in Red and Capitals Outsider. For the all-around sports fan looking for a new take on the DC sports landscape, DC Pro Sports Report may be for you. We Love DC (news and lifestyle), Dining in DC (foodies!) . . . there’s something for everyone.

So we’re excited to be partnered with TBD. As the hockey season approaches, we’re looking forward to the opportunities TBD’s media venture will provide while keeping our focus writing right here at On Frozen Blog.

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4 Responses to OFB and TBD Team Up

  1. Natalie says:

    Welcome to the family!

  2. Thanks for this, and I really am thrilled you’ll be working alongside us. Here’s hoping we meet a fraction of the hype we’re getting right now…I hope you’ll let us know what you think after we launch, too.

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