Crafting High-End Hockey Sticks

The Science Channel’s Factory Made is another one of those fascinating programs that shows how the things we may take for granted are created.

In this clip, you’ll see how carbon-fiber EASTON hockey sticks are created . . . it’s a pretty cool six minutes, particularly the automated slap-shot machine in the final testing (I want one!). Too bad it only shoots at 75 m.p.h.—perhaps that’s why Ovie’s and Green’s cannon-blasts seems to snap their sticks like twigs so often.

UPDATE: I spoke to the Easton Hockey folks, and this episode was filmed at their plant in Mexico. The staff there have their own roller-hockey team — ice not being too common in Tijuana — and as you can imagine they have better equipment than most roller hockey teams.

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7 Responses to Crafting High-End Hockey Sticks

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  2. Dougeb says:

    Good stuff. Very informative. Thanks for providing the information to the readers. I knew the sticks were composite, but had no clue how they were made until this video clip showed us.

  3. muddapucker says:

    I guess when you think you have heard everything somebody tells you that Easton hockey sticks are made in Mexico.

    Somehow or other, that just doesn’t seem right. Its contrary to the natural order of life. A crime against nature or something. I have no problems with TVs, appliances, clothes, cars, vegetables and fruits etc. but please not hockey sticks…

    I wish I didn’t know that.

  4. Voline says:

    “unbreakable” Ha ha. That’s why broken carbon-fiber shafts litter the ice nearly every game.

  5. I’m with you Voline — though the sticks definitely add to the shot speed as compared to traditional models, and they’re pretty durable given the beating they take, “unbreakable” is a bit much.

  6. Actually, Muddapucker, I’d trust a hockey stick made in Mexico before I’d trust food grown there… but I get your point. It’d be like making swimming pools in Siberia.

  7. xke4me says:

    Only 75 mph? Geez, your average Midget player can do that. No wonder I spend so much $$ on sticks.

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