Roster Tinkerings for 2010-11

We have what we believe will be some exciting new OFB partnership news for 2010-11 to share with you soon, on a number of fronts, but one we can tell you about right now is particularly exciting: Elisabeth Meinecke of DCist is joining the OFB team, effective immediately.

I could tell you that I’m excited about Lis’ jumping over the boards with us because of her bona fides as a professional journalist, and that would be true. But what most excites me about Lis is her status as a hockey blogger newcomer with a hard crush on pucks. Lis simply went to the Chinatown rink one night not all that long ago and fell madly in love with hockey. A love at first sight sort of experience. You wouldn’t know that the sport is new to her by the way she covered it for DCist last season, however. By day she’s a professional political journalist, and by winter nights last season she’d become a hockey blogger who took to the task with an infectious relish and passion. I know; I sat next to her up in the Verizon Center press box most nights last season. I remember her asking me a lot of questions all season long. I remember liking very much the thoughtfulness of her queries, and I greatly respected the breadth and depth of her curiosity. I also remember that by season’s end Lis was basically as knowledgeable about the game as many grizzled vets up in the press box. (And more so than all columnists.)

This nascent puck passion qualifies Lis perfectly to be an OFB contributor.

While the 2010 season ended early and bitterly for the Caps, it represented something special for OFB’s newest correspondent: she had completed a remarkable and rewarding rookie’s adventure, veering away from covering Washington policy and politicians by day and more honorable Washingtonians, in skates, by night. Confronted with her final opportunity to talk to Capitals’ players before they broke away for summer, Elisabeth decided to pursue a novel coverage angle — she wanted to know what the diversity of broadened media coverage of the team meant to the players.

“My first couple years here, there was maybe two guys reporting for the team, and that was it,” Eric Fehr told Lis. “Now, it seems like there’s more people in the dressing room than there are players reporting for the team.”

“We’re trying to grow the sport, and the more media coverage you get, the better it’s going to be for growing the sport,” the right wing added.

We’re trying to grow the unconventional coverage of the Capitals and hockey in D.C., and this summer we’ve added a special voice in pursuit of that endeavor.

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2 Responses to Roster Tinkerings for 2010-11

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  2. Rob Yunich says:

    This is awesome news! Congrats to Lis and the OFB team!

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