CapsTV A Reality

Comcast Capitals TiVO Screen (Mike Rucki)For a long time OFB has hoped for some kind of CapsTV to find its way to broadcast television; since then, Comcast has provided an impressive array of “classic” games and Caps-related coverage, but nothing quite to the extent we and other fans had wished.

Well that hope has finally been realized, to some extent at least: According to Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal, the Washington Capitals are launching their first-ever original television show.

Per the Journal:

The 32-minute show, which will air over 20 weeks on Comcast Sports Net,
will offer an off-the-ice look at players, coaches and fans affiliated
with the team. The team plans to call it either “Caps All Access
Monday” or “Capitals RED TV.”

As the Capitals’ Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer Tim McDermott put it, “Attendance, ratings, everything is trending up right now, so we think
this is the time to try something like this. At a minimum, this becomes a great
advertisement for us. Hopefully, it’s something that becomes a
profitable venture.”

It’s a far cry from the intense (and many would say excessive) level of coverage LeafsTV provides, but it’s a heartening step toward establishing a regular television presence for the Caps beyond game broadcasts. Plans include showing some of the clips as in-game intermission entertainment, as well as making them available via Comcast’s OnDemand.

It sounds like must-see TV for the Capitals fan — though no word yet on when the program is set to debut. Regardless, I’ll certainly be DVR-ing it and granting it save-until-I-delete status.

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