Captain Clark at ESPN Zone Tuesday Evening

Chris Clark photo
The 2008-09 Capitals Q&A Series kicks off at the Washington D.C. ESPN Zone on Tuesday, November 25, at 7pm with the Caps’ captain Chris Clark.

Clark will share insight on the hometown hockey team, tell stories from
his life on and off the ice, and answer fans’ questions. After the Q&A, Clark will sign autographs and help give away autographed Capitals memorabilia.
Additional Capitals Q&A sessions are currently scheduled for Jan. 7 and Feb. 12 (future attendees TBA).

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2 Responses to Captain Clark at ESPN Zone Tuesday Evening

  1. pepper says:

    I love Clarkie, but does anyone dare ask him why it seems that only Brooks Laich is doing, and saying to the media, things on a consistent basis befitting a captain?

  2. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) says:

    Heh… an interesting question, Pepper, but I might suggest not asking it at a meet n’ greet. 🙂

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