No Miracle: U.S. 3, Russia 2

Eddie Cahill as Jim CraigWhat is it about no-name American rosters and their matchups against Russia?
Ruegsegger, van Riemsdyk (tourney’s leading scorer), and Mike Carmen with tallies today, Carmen’s the game-winner, in the Americans’ 3-2 victory over Russia. Meanwhile, Sweden stunned the Canadians 4-3.
A number of you emailed me overnight wondering what wager I had with Dmitry Chesnokov for this game. The answer rhymes with Filet-at-Smith-and-Wolenskys.
The 9-pt. U.S. has clinched first in its group and is assured of a place in the World Junior semifinals. Their opponent? Either Canada or Finland.
The U.S. will skate again on Monday against Finland.

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2 Responses to No Miracle: U.S. 3, Russia 2

  1. That’s one good wager. Time for Dmitry to pay up!

  2. Gustafsson says:

    It kills me that we don’t get to see these early games.
    Enjoy that cut of meat!

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