Something Big Is Building in Chitown

Chicago Logo - image from TSN.caThe Hawks lost Martin Havlat to a groin injury this week, but otherwise, the end of 2007 may be signaling the winds of most welcome change for the fate of this long floudering franchise.
On Wednesday night a crowd of 20,511 crammed the United Center to see Chicago defeat Nashville 5-2. The sellout was the largest crowd to see a hockey game in Chicago in eons. And: the game was televised for those in Chicago who couldn’t get a ticket or make it to the game.
With Havlat having missed lots of hockey this season the Hawks are 19-15-2, boast two of the most exciting young guns in the game in Patrick Kane and Jonathon Toews, and they’ve defeated the best team in hockey, Detroit, all four times they’ve played thus far.
It’s¬†fantastic to see¬†this Original Six franchise very relevant again in one of America’s great sports towns. ¬†

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4 Responses to Something Big Is Building in Chitown

  1. SpartyCuse says:

    Im a Hawks season ticket holder, and something IS brewing here. Two straight 20,000+ crowds, and the game this Sunday is basically SRO. With the Bulls and Bears sucking, its the Hawks time to jump into the spotlight.
    Towes and Kane signed auto’s at the team store on Michigan Ave this month. 2,500 people lined up in the cold. Amazing.
    Although Im a Caps fan first, I think the Hawks are way ahead of the Caps on the development curve. And they have been winning a lot of late with a LOT of players on IR.

  2. Sparty,
    Many thanks for offering this first-hand account that well amplifies our modest acknowledgement.

  3. SpartyCuse says:

    Anytime. Its great to see hockey becoming relevant in Chicago. Ive been here 6.5 years now, and its always been an afterthought. Heck, in the past few years, there have been times when the Hawks and AHL’s Wolves have played at the same time, and the Wolves would have a bigger crowd.
    The Hawks have lots of talent up front, and their blueline is loaded with young, superb talent. And everybody forgets that they have a SC winning goalie in the nets.

  4. chanuck says:

    I concur, good to see hockey back in Chi-town. Never thought Chicago fans to be ignorant punks like some others (Fitsburgh, Bufaslugland). Though I use to think the same way about people in New England.

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