Fashion Week Comes Early

Sleeveless Hockey Jersey- photo from HockeyOverstock.comI’ve been looking for a little black Caps jersey for DC Sports Chicklet. (I want hers to match mine; I’m a cheeseball.) Gustafsson sent me a link to a website offering exactly what I wanted, and as I was browsing around, I came across this gem: a sleeveless hockey jersey. I wasn’t surprised to find it in Rangers form, seeing as how we recently visited their checkered fashion history. Fans of Montreal, Boston, and Toronto needn’t fear, as the sleeveless jersey is present on the site for them as well. Surprisingly, there were no such jerseys available for Penguins, Sabres, or Islander fans.
I looked at this jersey and wondered who exactly was the target audience for this style. It’s the kind of thing I could see someone wearing as they work on their car. Perhaps it’s intended for summer wear, seeing as how regular jerseys get a little warm in July. During the season, it might be ideal for someone who wants to show off their guns. Just guessing here, because I have no clue who would want to wear this.
However, if women have to be subjected to pink jerseys, there’s no reason why bad fashion should be limited to one sex, or even one sport: it’s an equal opportunity crime. I can only surmise that someone checked out the sleeveless jerseys that some MLB teams wear and thought, “What a great idea! The NHL needs this!” Never mind that no fan in his/her right mind would need or want one of these to wear to a hockey game, since it doesn’t get hot enough in the arena to warrant one. Not to mention that the team doesn’t wear these jerseys either, but let’s not focus on the details. If anyone can shed some light on this fashion faux pas, please let me know; I’m genuinely intrigued by this item.

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6 Responses to Fashion Week Comes Early

  1. HockeePhan says:

    Ok – sorry if this is off topic to the post – but i am at sens/caps game and what a game it is ….. Ovechkin, defense, ovechkin, semin ….

  2. Hockey talk, especially about the Caps, is never off-topic 😉 What a game, eh?

  3. chanuck says:

    HockeePhan: you are so lucky. I would love to check out a game up there. Though I think I would pick a non Caps game. Maybe the Sens against the Maple Laffs?

  4. sonia says:

    you know, living in NYC, i could see a LOT of men wearing this up here…it’s rather frightening/gross.

  5. RJ says:

    It looks like… a basketball jersey, doesn’t it?
    I guess the Knicks really are that bad…
    And thank God it doesn’t come in the slug. I have to see enough awful merch at home games, let alone some big dude’s pale arms along with it.

  6. HAHAHA.
    It’s like an athletic sweatervest. I can see someone wearing it with a white t-shirt underneath, shorts, and a porkpie hat.

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