From Russia with Special Ops Snipe

He’s been pilloried by the press, massively maligned by the Blueshirt masses at the 12-minute mark of each period, dissected and demonized by virtually every prominent voice in our game. But the captain last night not only came up clutch when his team most needed him to, he did so as only he can: He authored sixty five feet of sickness with his wrists, a seeming smart-missile that eluded a maze of mass humanity and ultimately the world’s greatest goaltender, who never saw it coming. It was a pulverizer, a howitzer, a Russian cruise missile. And oh but how it shut up the Big Apple’s belligerent. And occurring when and how it did, it changed the tenor of this Eastern conference semifinals.


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8 Responses to From Russia with Special Ops Snipe

  1. BruinsFan says:

    I’ll tell you,if Ovi’s goal is a sign of things to come, the Blue
    Shirts (and whoever follows them) are in some very deep kimchi.

  2. DCPensFan says:

    What’s with the ice time? Nagging injury is the only thing I can think of. I get that maybe he’s not out there for defensive zone draws and at the end of a game protecting a lead. But this just seems odd.

  3. joyfulleigh18 says:

    pucksandbooks, you’re a hell of a writer. I want to read that paragraph over and over again, basking in its awesomeness. 🙂

  4. LePeu_38 says:

    Gott love the hand gesture to the ear…

  5. tracy says:

    those NY fans were loud. I give credit for being able to tune that mess out, and especially to Ovi for being able to SILENCE it! I thought I saw one lonely red-sweatered fan jumping up and down in the backgound when they slowed Ovi’s goal down to show the replay. That is one brave fan and a real Red Rocker!

  6. Bart says:

    The announcer had it – Brouwer pushing the D in front of Lundqvist made all the difference from that distance.

  7. gs12 says:

    It was awesome, and hats off to the Rags fans for the original chant at the 8 minute mark, funny. Too bad it motivated Ovie, and he had a sick game – don’t poke the russian bear!

    Seriously, This is Ovie’s time now – he has gotten the message from DH. He produced in game 2 bigtime, if the Caps are going to go all the way – he needs to continue playing within himself and reeking havoc.

  8. Mike B says:


    I don’t think Ovi is hurt at all. He plays when we need an offensive spark. When we are ahead, the D savvy players get more ice time. DH playing his D-focused lines as much as possible. I expect DH will mix it up more in the upcoming games. Stay one step ahead of Tort’s plans. I like what I see.

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