Bigger Moment of Redemption?

Mistakes are so much easier to take when your team wins.

The Caps’ 3-2 victory covered several flubs Monday night, but this caveat should be added: any time you beat this Rangers lineup in this series, you know you’ve worked hard. So poorly timed shift changes and the inability to generate much traffic or screening on net against Henrik Lundqvist (remember, if he sees it, he stops it) don’t seem quite so bad when you put it next to the puck prowess of Mike Knuble on the Caps’ first goal or the blazing speed of Jason Chimera on the second. If I were the Rangers, my number one on the to-do list would be figuring out how to make it so that Chimera has to skate with 20-pound weights hanging around his waist. His speed has burned them twice.

Perhaps the biggest two moments of redemption for the Capitals, however, came at different ends of the ice.

First, there was the Braden Holtby stop on a Chris Kreider breakaway that would have brought an expression to even Joan Rivers’ face. Considering Holtby got beat handily by Kreider on something of a similar setup in Game 1, it was perhaps his most impressive save of the night, which saw him finish with a.929 save percentage compared to the .786 he sported last time. Good to see someone who learns from his mistakes.

But there was also the power play goal scored by Alex Ovechkin after enduring “Ovi sucks” chants from the crowd at MSG and a significant amount of media attention devoted to his shortened time on ice. It also broke a score bottlenecked at 2-2, his drought of scoring on the power play this postseason, and allowed everyone in the D.C. area to begin inhaling and exhaling again at something of a normal pace (until the Rangers pulled Lundqvist).

Which do you think was a bigger redemptive moment? We think the edge on this one goes to Ovi, since there really was no bigger spotlight than scoring on a man advantage with under 10 minutes left in a tie-game.

And on that note, let’s hope Mike Green finds some  redemption in this series Wednesday.

P.S. Oh, and raise your hand if you predicted Keith Aucoin would have more points than Dennis Wideman at this stage of the postseason.


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3 Responses to Bigger Moment of Redemption?

  1. HBH WC says:

    “brought and expression to even Joan Rivers face”

    Keith Aucoin hasn’t played in the AHL for the last three months (he played in a total of 43 games)and he finished the regular season second in assists and tied for fourth in points.
    The man knows this game.
    If he get’s his minutes, he’ll produce.

  2. CurtMcCormick says:

    I vote Knuble. Not so much for his goal and rejuvination in the playoffs after being benched and relegated to healthy scratch status so much of the season, but for his hustle to wash out what all of us KNEW was sure to be icing in the 3rd period. It redeemed his high-stick penalty that led to the Ranger’s second goal, and to me it said to the team: if your oldest guy can dig deep and dive ahead to touch that puck first, what are YOU doing to win this game?

  3. Victor says:

    …would have brought an expression to even Joan Rivers’ face.

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