Pop Quiz!

Here’s some fun for a Wednesday.  Mental Floss, one of my favorite sources for fun quizzes (who could forget the Don Cherry one), has a new one: “Are They Canadian?” You may be surprised by the results.  Also, if you haven’t taken it already, be sure to try “30 Teams, 5 Minutes: An NHL Challenge.”

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4 Responses to Pop Quiz!

  1. Eric says:

    Got a 72% on “Are They Canadian?”

    2:11 left on naming all 30 NHL teams.

    Good time waster while watching the fail that is NBC’s Olympic broadcasts.

  2. chanuck says:

    100% on “Are They Canadian?”

    1:10 left on the 30 NHL teams.

    Stupid lightning and blue jackets.

  3. crafty says:

    I preferred the “Ikea Product or Swedish Olympian?” Quiz.

    I’m waiting for a Backstrom sofa to fit between my two Sedin End Tables

  4. Crafty, that’s brilliant! How did I miss that one?

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