Reports: Feds to Russia, Flyers to Fenway

Two items of note as we near the Entry Draft, neither of which can be termed ‘good’ news for Washington hockey fans: it sure appears that Sergei Fedorov’s tensure in D.C. is done. The report has him inking with Metallurg Magnitogorsk for two years, at nearly $4 million per season. When you factor in the tax rates hockey players confront in Russia (kinda low), that pact is certainly better than any Feds could have garnered in North America.

“In Russia, when you are negotiating your salary, 99 percent of the time you’re talking about take home salary, not ‘before taxes.’ It is very customary,” Dmitry Chesnokov told us this morning.

With Metallurg Sergei will be united with younger brother Fedor. We will miss him.

And both TSN and ESPN are reporting that the 2010 Winter Classic will not include the Washington Capitals but instead the Flyers as guests of the Bruins in Fenway Park. You can view this as a snub if you want. I see a more pragmatic side to it: it’s logical to me that when Ovi and Co. skate in the game NBC (and the league) would like to see Sidney and the Pens as opponent.

As long as the Caps keep skating outdoors in Chevy Chase once each winter I’m happy.   

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4 Responses to Reports: Feds to Russia, Flyers to Fenway

  1. Andrew Tomlinson - OFB Intern says:

    It is official. Fedorov has signed a 2 year contract with Metallurg Magnitogorsk.

  2. vt caps fan says:

    Thanks for your time Feds (the Fla goal in 08 and your Rd1 GM7 GWG).
    As for the Winter Classic… NYC is a better city then beantown anyway. I’d rather play the Rags in the WC of 2011.

  3. amberlynne says:

    Blech. No Pens, please. I’d be very happy with Rangers vs Caps at Yankee Stadium in 2011.

  4. Grooven says:

    I’m quite happy nowhere near the outdoor gimmick.
    Now if only the Caps would stand up to the league to stand up to NBC and let us have our Jan 1 matinee tradition back. (Half the fun was watching the hung-over people.) But I doubt they will. They’ll succumb to NBC’s wishes for potential viewers.

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