VIPs Are Drawn to Ovi’s Incandescent Flame

Dan Steinberg’s coverage of the Caps-Pens on Sunday was impressively broad, and included a survey of distinguished visitors to Verizon Center, among them actor D.B. Sweeney. Sweeney is among a growing legion of the Ovi-infatuated:

“I’d never seen No. 8, so I wanted to come and see him in person,” Sweeney said during the second period. “And he has not disappointed. Boy, he’s exciting . . . I think Ovechkin is everything the NHL needs. I think he’s obviously the best player in the league right now, and his passion is infectious. For people who are casual fans, he is the guy that can bring them in. If Gretzky was velvet, Ovechkin is electricity . . .”

“I don’t know that hockey needs it, but I think it’s a welcome jolt of energy, and it’s authentic,” Sweeney said . . . “Ovechkin is so genuinely enthusiastic, and he’s so authentic that I don’t see how anybody could object to it.”

Steinberg also got NBC’s Mike Milbury to go on the record about Ovechkin’s appeal. Milbury and broadcast partner Pierre Mcguire on Sunday made an in-studio point of dissecting the case for recognizing AO as the league’s shining star. This is what Milbury told Steinz on Sunday:

“I would pay money just to watch Ovechkin.” 

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13 Responses to VIPs Are Drawn to Ovi’s Incandescent Flame

  1. hockeywriter says:

    Milbury was out of line with his worship of AO on NBC’s broadcast. Nobody is going to deny AO’s talent and energy, but where Milbury went wrong was in criticizing Sidney Crosby for not being more like AO. That’s not Crosby’s style. Crosby will never be as self-centered and arrogant as AO, that’s just how he is. If you look at interviews Crosby did at age 14, he still had the same polished, humble answers that he gives to this day. That’s just Crosby, and personally, I think that’s great. Also, Milbury said that there is turmoil in the Penguins locker room because none of the other players respect Sid – where did he get that info? No other sources, (including the Pittsburgh beat writers) indicate this ‘turmoil’ is going on. Milbury is full of it.

  2. Don says:

    I think Milbury should go F himself. His comments last year about Ovie being a “dog” were out of line. I dont care to hear his “opinion” about Ovie now.

  3. steve says:

    Milbury was saying nobody has Crosby’s back, when he’s getting shoved after the whistle, implying turmoil within the team, plus the fact they’re out of the playoffs…
    We all saw it, Crosby getting into skirmishes after the whistle and his only defense is to swing his stick, while tougher guys push him around, no teamates come to his aid, getting his back.

  4. MulletMan says:

    I thought for sure that AO was going to get a third man in penalty the other game. Backstrom was about to get mugged by another player on the other team and AO comes flying in and jumps on the guys back. He didn’t care, it may have been a stupid thing to do, but he sticks up for his teammates.

  5. Jay_K says:

    Self centered and arrogant? Typical Pens fan, you know that Mike Milbury has no connection with the Washington Capitals organization don’t you? But if you do know that, it sounds like your just the typical sports fan that dumps on another player because he is doing better than any one on your team, or for that matter in this case anyone in the entire league. I know that you don’t know AO personally enough to know that the man is “self-centered and arrogant”. No educated sports fan would use those words to describe another player on another team. Crosby this and OV that, dude stick to the statistics, you’ll be better off.

  6. pelle31lives says:

    It’s always a nice sentiment when “famous” peers take notice of stars in other professions, but forgive me for casting a jaundiced eye on things like this…
    Remember how all Hollywood went nuts over the Kings by the time they were in the Finals in 1993? Or how Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and others started showing up to MSG in the mid-to-late 90’s?
    D.B. Sweeney might have played a disgraced hockey player in some figure-skating movie 15 years ago, but his opinion on Ovie doesn’t matter.
    Ask Tom Hanks and Kurt Russell who’s on the Kings now and you’ll get a blank stare. Ask Robbins & Sarandon who’s on the Rangers now and they’ll probably say “that guy who came to our party to speak out against child abuse” or something lame like that.
    Hockey fans in DC and beyond should just be proud that they are Rocking the Red and that Number 8 is getting the recognition he deserves from the hockey community at large – and specifically pulling accolades away from that taint-puncher in Vegas Gold and Black.
    As for Milbury, McGuire and the like, I can’t stand it. Everything, including the “arguments” between periods is canned and pre-planned and not close to being based on fact. I’d rather have JR or Brett Hull on air with real talk and real controversial opinions.

  7. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Who the hell is DB Sweeney?

  8. Jack Johnson says:

    So ONE celebrity is drawn to Ovie and one jackass.

  9. Patrick says:

    whoa, whoa, whoa! So there was a little love shared for the leader in most offensive NHL stats for the past three seasons. Arguably one of the greatest players of this decade, and likely for better than half of the next decade, isn’t good enough for fans of other teams to let the man have his moment in the sun? Milbury and McGuire may have been a little heavy on the love, but don’t let your love for your team close your mind to the facts. Watch the team, and the fans celebrate with Ovechkin after a goal/win, and tell me this isn’t a guy that has ignited passion. If you can not think back to a time in your own life when you had a major triumph and celebrated with a hint of that glow, then I feel sorry for you. If part of you doesn’t WANT to have a moment like I am describing, then maybe you aren’t a true fan of the game. Please spend your time griping on your own teams blog,instead of spreading your poison on ours.
    Players who are self-centered are not nearly as popular with their teammates,as Alex is. Even a person of limited peripherals as yourself has to be able to see the “team” feel that radiates from the Capitals. If you have not been successful in witnessing the cohesion, may I suggest you watch them play against a different team. You may find that the jubilation doesn’t burn as deep on your team-sensitive skin. You may even notice that he is the first guy to congratulate his teammates on their acheivements and victories. If it’s his smile that bothers you, then maybe look away. He’s genuinely happy! He’s very successful in many senses of the word, what’s not to be happy about?

  10. Victor says:

    I’m gonna totally change the subject and remind everyone–Caps fans, Pens fans, Flyers, Wings, Ragners, and hockey fans of all stripes–that The Greatest Hockey Movie Of All Time was released 31 years ago today. My favorite scene:

  11. hackhamster says:

    “If it’s his smile that bothers you, then maybe look away”
    It’s not like he’s got a grill like Ken Daneyko, jeez, he’s only missing one. You want to really piss off the purists Ovie? Put a huge freakin gold tooth in that gap.

  12. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the reminder Victor.
    *Adds to Netflix queue*

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