Fay Can Fail — and Has

Just want to thank Dave Fay for not filing for a few days before the Atlanta game. No blog entries, nary a peep. The Post isn’t the only paper in D.C. guilty of poor coverage — though we should thank Fay and the Behind-The-Times for it’s previous random Semin-bashing. Fay also files for The Hockey News, and the quality of that venture can be debated. Here’s hoping things turn around.

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1 Response to Fay Can Fail — and Has

  1. Gustafsson says:

    And what is worse, when there IS a Caps article in The Times, it is shorter than a 4th grader’s book report. The Post has improved with Tarik updating his blog more regularly and Dan Steinberg’s blog going to the depth of what’s played on the locker room iPod and who’s having what for Thanksgiving dinner……. now …. that being said…. The Post is still not at the level of a true hockey town.

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