Knee-jerks: vs. Toronto — Bad Dog

I own three dogs, and if any of them behaved the way the Caps did tonight, well, they wouldn’t get any treats. Poor play all around. Two big factors tonight:

  1. The Caps, without amazing goaltending, are a sub-.500 team. It has been mentioned multiple times, but if the Caps don’t get spectacular play between the pipes, they lose. Irritating as Hell, but pretty much a fact — we’ve heard several times that the Caps give up a lot of shots — then it gets down to how ‘quality’ the chances are.To heck with how quality they are, because the model seems predicated on the goaltenders playing VERY well. When they don’t, the Caps get housed, that simple.
  2. The Maple Leafs may be better than people thought. Not an excuse, but it’s something to think about.

Quick knee-jerks
-At least Klepis had two points before he stunk. Kris Beech again had wide-open opportunity to make an impression, and he made the wrong one. Not saying he’s done, but he needs to produce. And more than a joke goal in the Florida game.
-Richard Zednik brings nothing to this team. I don’t mind the trade — it was third-rounder for a guy who, at some point, scored over twenty goals. However, the Caps already have someone who goes down the right wing, one hand on the stick, and then does jack with it — and it’s their first-line center. Shout out to StikSav, who saw this coming
It’s not this bad, but I’m not sure that it’s ever been that good. The Caps need to get coached up, and healed up — else the playoff kool-aid is going to get a bit watery.

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1 Response to Knee-jerks: vs. Toronto — Bad Dog

  1. Chris says:

    I will agree with Empty that the overall play was poor but I don’t think it was as bad as he writes. I think the 2nd period was the block that brought down the jenga tower. I think the two unlucky bounce goals were demoralizing, especially the 2nd period goal.

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