Chatting Postseason Pucks on 106.7 the Fan

Apologies in advance for going on radio the other night with my buds at 106.7 the Fan on a crappy, overtaxed Blackberry. It’s been a burdensome spring in communications space for me. Anyway, as usual, I had a blast ‘chattin pucks with Danny Rouhier and Grant Paulson immediately after the Caps’ 4-3 overtime triumph over Columbus. Health looms as the large issue with this hockey team as April dawns, but I made the point that, with a modicum of health returned, management and the coaching staff have done what’s needed to be done to put this hockey club in a position to succeed in the glory season. You might also be surprised by my thoughts on the goaltending situation.


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2 Responses to Chatting Postseason Pucks on 106.7 the Fan

  1. John O'Brien says:

    Your were a breath of fresh air on 106.7. Candidly, the utter lack of hockey knowledge among the stations on air personalities is hard to fathom. One could justifiably term the station all Redskins all the time and be pretty close to right on the money.

    Does anyone at 106.7 have a clue about how the sport has evolved in the D.C. area? Do they know we have over 200 high school teams in the capital beltway? Do they know that youth programs exist at all skill levels, many serving more than 1,000 kids per program? Do they know we had Junior hockey here and that a number of those junior players are impact players at Division I schools?

    They are OUT OF STEP with a big segment of their market. They should hire you as an on air personality immediately.

    Ted Leonsis is one of the best owners in all of professional sports. I suspect the Lerners are avid students. How many owners in professional sports regularly seek out interaction with fans? How many publicly express gratitude and affection for their fans and strive to make the experience the best value possible?

  2. John,

    I’m deeply appreciative of your support, but I don’t want you to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I would certainly share your concern-ire with the across-the-board hockey ignorance/indifference as it’s manifested at D.C.-area broadcast outlets TV, save Comcast. Channel 4, 5, 7, and 9 — it’s shocking and disheartening. But on radio, 106.7 — and most particularly Sky Kerstein and Danny Rouhier and Chad Dukes (among others) — not only care but care passionately. Gracious, Sky is out filing from Kettler literally every morning. We’re lucky to have him. And Ben Raby and Jon Warner over at WTOP are hardcore hockey guys.

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