A Look for Shinny

Prior to their game against Pittsburgh last night the Capitals got into the fashion spirit of playing hockey outdoors by taking warmups in Winter Classic touques. Our camera honed in on Mathieu Perreault in particular, as the young center — perhaps an unlikely Winter Classic participant three weeks ago — looks a likely one one week away from the big game at Heinz Field, and he’s agreed to share with OFB readers a diary of his thoughts about playing a lot of outdoor hockey growing up and his emotions about the Winter Classic itself. We’ll share that first diary entry soon, and his reflections will continue through his Heinz Field experience.

photo by Gustafsson

photo by Gustafsson

photo by Gustafsson

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2 Responses to A Look for Shinny

  1. penguin pete says:

    this has nothing to do with your pics, and maybe it’s just me, but i really felt as if both teams were hamming it up for the camera last night. lots of over the top, animated reactions to things. as much as i love the 24/7 stuff, it kind of sickened me to see.

    then again, it could’ve just been the eggnog.

    oh well, happy holidays all…

  2. Dave says:

    Maybe cause i was in a bar i didn’t notice it as much, but it just seemed like the intensity was way up. Maybe because of the build to the winter classic and the 24/7 revving it up, but either way i didn’t really get the impression that any of it was forced, but like i said, i was in a bar, so i may have not picked up on the nuances.

    Either way, i’m really looking forward to this matty p series.

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