Heinz Field Will Never Look Better Than This

Via the Capitals Insider, here is the rendering of Heinz Field for New Year’s Day as released by the NHL.

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6 Responses to Heinz Field Will Never Look Better Than This

  1. Elliotte says:

    It would be pretty awesome if the whole football field was iced under like this, it would make it look more like a huge ice rink with part of it roped off for the game.

  2. The Horn Guy says:

    That’s so unrealistic. Where are all the Caps fans covered in beer thrown by Pens fans? Sheesh!

  3. LOL Horn Guy! I do, however, like the quantity of red in the stands. 🙂

  4. Scott Boren says:

    It’s cool but can you see anything?

  5. Just like most Winter Classics, I don’t expect the attendees to truly see the game very well — even if it’s a crisp, clear day. The Classic, as a hockey game, is best watched on TV. But the experience overall I think is worth the trip.

  6. Scott says:

    There’s way more caps fans than pens fans! And it’s heinz field

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