The Winter Classic Hosts Unveil Their Party Garb

The Penguins today rolled out their look for the Winter Classic at Heinz Field on New Years Day. Here it is:

My take: it’s a huge improvement over what the Pens wore in the very first Winter Classic in 2008 — that godforsaken pure powder/Carolina blue girlie garb. Effete blue, though, looks OK in moderation set against a broader navy backdrop, which this sweater boasts. Then there’s the lace collar flourish — something many Caps’ fans have craved.

Unlike the Capitals, who will wear knockoffs procured from Marshalls on New Years Day, the Pens actually commissioned a fresh throwback design, contracting with Reebok and getting input from the NHL as well, for their second Winter Classic appearance. They seemed to want to be bold and vibrant and distinctive with their look. Good for them. And while many might be inclined to make fun of the skating penguin in the primary logo, I like the fact that the pudgy little fella is wearing a scarf; seems appropriate for an outdoor skate.

The biggest drawback with the look perhaps is its excessive striping. The Caps, meanwhile, have a thrifty-looking patch and too much white space on their sweater. Acknowledging Greg Wyshynski’s assessment of this fashion matter, perhaps it’s fairest to say of the look for Winter Classic ’11: “are these the weakest duo of Classic sweaters we’ve seen?”

The Pens have a gallery up of their Classic look at the team’s web site.

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3 Responses to The Winter Classic Hosts Unveil Their Party Garb

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  2. penguin pete says:

    the design is starting to grow on me a bit, though i have to agree about the stripes. i do like the “antique white” color of the numbers.

    however, it seems to me that the teams should go for a design that is from the same time frame, or maybe this is just a roundabout way for me to say i would’ve rather seen the pens in 80s gold.

    by the way, i’m guaranteeing 48 degrees and rain.

  3. Grooven says:

    Striping is too thick, but I kind of like the blue shadowing of the numbers. And the thick lining of light blue at the wrist reminds me of a sweatshirt — a feature I like.
    And only on a very rare occasion do I like the look of laces on a jersey. This isn’t one of them, and I have yet to see any design of a Caps jersey where I do.

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