Cherry Backs Off? Coach’s Corner – 21 Mar 09

Is is just me, or does it seem Don Cherry has backed off his assault on Alex Ovechkin?

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10 Responses to Cherry Backs Off? Coach’s Corner – 21 Mar 09

  1. NS2NOVA says:

    Yeah, he backed off.
    Notice that he overlooks the fact that TB had 52 minutes to do something about the apparent disrespect, but opted to play on.
    Assist to Ron for trying to point that fact out.

  2. Andrew says:

    People are not” laughing at” Ovechkin. That’s a clearly desperate comment
    I said it below — Ovechkin has broken Cherry. He doesn’t even pretend to care what Cherry says and now it’s OK for others (columnists, NHL on the Fly guys) to say they ignore Cherry.
    Finally, Ovechkin scored the first goal. So when Cherry says TB is “losing 5-1” and then has to endure his celebration, Cherry is either deliberately misleading viewers or is unable to watch a game and figure out what the score is despite the box in the upper corner showing the time and score.

  3. meg says:

    I totally thought that he was backing off. I think he realized that he caused that behavior and the best thing to do is just leave it alone, ovie will go back to his jumping into the glass celebrations and everything will be fine. Ovie 1, Cherry 0

  4. Bill-DC says:

    It’s hard to take Don Cherry serious when he looks like something I get my Mom from 1-800-Flowers on Mother’s Day.

  5. Was Cherry just talking about hockey and guys feelings in the same segment? That’s weird…

  6. playhockey says:

    After hearing and reading what a lot of people had to say about Ovie’s 50th goal celebration, I like what Ovie said the best. He “meant no disrespect to anyone.” As for Cherry, doesn’t he know there is no crying in hockey?
    Did ya see Ovie win his face off last night!!!!

  7. Doug says:

    Who cares, really? I’m more concerned about getting out of the first round of the playoffs than I am about one player on the Caps. Sure, I support Ovechkin, but this has been completely blown out of proportion.
    Let’s think “playoffs” and hope our team is prepared. We have some weaknesses which need to be addressed this off season.

  8. this space for rent says:

    Honestly, I think the single biggest weakness this team has got is the tendency to slack, and I wonder how much of that can be solved by getting our captain back and healthy and the guys growing up a little more. Let’s not be unrealistic – these guys are KIDS for the most part. They act like kids. They’ll get it, and a little bit of vocal leadership in the locker room will help.

  9. Cathy W says:

    I am to the point where I don’t care what Don Cherry has to say. Winning games to finally clinch that playoff spot should be the top priority, followed by winning the first round. Some of the guys are young adults (Backstrom is 21 and Green, Schultz, Fehr and Ovechkin are 23), but they are all over 18 so they are not “kids.” I keeping hearing folks say that they are a “young” team” and that is the excuse. Yes, most of the core of the team are young, but I did the math today and the average age for the defense is 26 and the average for the age for the forwards is 28. Not exactly “kids.” It is not looking like Clark will be back any time soon so someone (Feds? Brads? Brash? Laich? anyone?) needs to step up now, be the vocal leader, get all of them to focus on the task at hand, and yell bloody murder at them if they play any of the remaining games like the horrible Atlanta game. Like Bruce said, hockey is not like a faucet, you can’t turn it off and on.

  10. Patrick says:

    I agree, the players need to get their heads in the game!!
    As a side note, Cherry did, finally admit that Alex is the best player in the game. No mention of nationality, no down-playing, he flat-out said it!!
    All who believe that Canadians are all blinded by prejudice can get declawed, order another cold one and watch as the multinational Capitals regroup to begin the big push toward greatness.
    Go Caps!!

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