Mega CapsMix 2008 – Full Audio

You may recall our CapsMix 2008 and Son of CapsMix posts from the end of last season. We’ve revisited those posts and improved on them. In fact, you may want to bookmark this post’s permalink for future reference.

Here are all of the songs mentioned in those two posts as one mega-list in an embedded player. While gathering with friends and loved ones to ring in the new year (or even in the office before heading to the phone booth on game days), let us provide your soundtrack.

Now turn your speakers up (we suggest you go to 11), click play and Rock your Red [player].

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23 Responses to Mega CapsMix 2008 – Full Audio

  1. Paint Drinking Pete says:

    No “Devour” by Shinedown?

  2. Gustafsson says:

    I’ve added the song. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. J.P. says:

    Sweet. Now if I can only find a CD of Bruce stumbling through crappy songs from the ’80s on his organ (hey now!), I can recreate the VC experience in my own den.

  4. Paul says:

    Good list I will poach a little from your list – I like your list.
    One other one I put in my iPod for hockey games…perhaps bit eccentric, I admit.
    This one:
    It is a beautiful anthem….

  5. Brian says:

    I’ve been lobbying for Riot by 3 Days Grace to be in the Bears pre-game for a little while. I learned that Arsene controls the pre-game playlist, so maybe I can convince him. πŸ™‚

  6. Gustafsson says:

    I can’t seem to find any versions of the “Chicken Dance” or the “Beer Barrel Polka” on organ for you.

  7. Gustafsson says:

    Found one for you, J.P.
    Song #21 in your playlist.
    Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

  8. Tyler says:

    It’s wonderful (read: depressing) that Finger Eleven, Fall Out Boy, Puddle of Mudd, and Shinedown all made this playlist, but Minor Threat’s “Seeing Red” gets no love. You gotta rep DC on here…even some Chuck Brown would be great.

  9. Gustafsson says:

    This playlist was based on the core songs from the 2007-2008 season and the songs used in one particular game. There are definitely songs used at VC that are not in the playlist, but we’ll be happy to add them.

  10. Puddin_An_Semin says:

    what about chevelle’s “The Red” I listened to that all through the playoffs also how can “Don’t Stop Believin” not be on this list since it was specifically chosen by the players?

  11. katzistan says:

    Wow, how random – this is exactly what I was looking for today. Thank you!

  12. this space for rent says:

    I wonder how you would get a song added to the playlist at VC? I can think of a couple that should get love and don’t. Try these:
    Dragonforce – Through the Fire and Flames
    TSO – Mozart
    TSO – Wizards in Winter
    John Parr – Man in Motion (St. Elmo’s Fire)
    AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long
    AC/DC – Runaway Train
    Nightwish – 7 Days To The Wolves
    Nightwish – Wishmaster
    Funny, Man in Motion is a good theme song for the Caps this year.

  13. this space for rent says:

    “Don’t Stop Believing” – Journey

  14. Lee (PTO) says:

    What a great idea, and I LOVE that the most obvious song of all is included, “Good ‘Ole Hockey Game”.
    @ Paul – thanks for requesting the Russian anthem, for some reason I thought that was just Soviet/Communist? Isn’t it cool in Hunt for Red October? “Let them sing…”
    The only problem… no Nine Inch Nails. Or KMFDM. I know they don’t play those at hockey games, but KMFDM’s “Power” **could** be a really cool intro to play just before our power play unit takes it to whichever sucka goalie we’re about to put one past?

  15. DL says:

    Thanks for posting. That song “Warehouse” has been driving me crazy all season. Had no idea who did the song or the title and judging by the reaction in the arena, i was the only one who didn’t know it. Now i enter 2009 a smarter man.

  16. Murshawursha says:

    This is pretty awesome… What about Nonpoint’s cover of In the Air Tonight? An excellent pump-up song, in my humble opinion.

  17. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) says:

    Love the comments & suggestions folks, keep ’em coming!
    This list is not complete — in fact that would be impossible, since new songs constantly make it into the rotation at the Verizon Center. The list started from some time I spent with the Caps’ crew last season and has expanded since then, but it’s by no means comprehensive. With your help and the Caps’ input we’d like to see it continue to grow.

  18. this space for rent says:

    After searching my playlist, here’s a few more to toy with for energy:
    Nightwish – Slaying the Dreamer
    Nightwish – Bare Grace Misery
    Rammstein – Du Hast
    Poison – Fallen Angel
    Savatage – Commisar
    Tom Petty – Running Down A Dream
    Warrant – Cherry Pie
    Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone

  19. nadir says:

    One song that that has caught on in the NHL arena’s is Joe Satriani’s “Crowd Chant”. I have heard it played in VC over the TV a few times now.

  20. sean says:

    glassjaw – tip your bartender

  21. Barbara says:

    How about “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis? Of course, you only hear a small sound byte of the song after the Caps score, but it’s list worthy.

  22. turquoise_donkey says:

    unless i’ve missed it on the list i would also add “long road to ruin” by the foo fighters.

  23. sean says:

    update the list here are some of the hard/new ones to find.
    Rise Against – audience of one
    Stone Temple Pilots – crackerman
    Scorpions-hour 1
    Rise against – Re Education through labor

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