Hockey Sweater Obsessives, Your Ship Has Arrived

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch fame has published his NHL preview, chock full of hockey uniform photos from new sweaters, to memorial patches, to the sneaky “C” that Roberto Luongo added to his mask since by NHL rules no goaltender may wear the captaincy “C” on his jersey. So if you’re into the details of hockey uniforms, check out his article here and geek out to the hockey-gear minutia.

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2 Responses to Hockey Sweater Obsessives, Your Ship Has Arrived

  1. Jay Kim says:

    Great stuff guys! Thanks for the Uni Watch link, it’s a golden nugget! I am totally into the aesthetics of sports, especially hockey.

  2. Jay K says:

    Great stuff! The Uni Watch page was truly a golden nugget! Totally dig the aesthetics of all sports, especially hockey.

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