“I play like a dog and he’s like a little cat”

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8 Responses to “I play like a dog and he’s like a little cat”

  1. chanuck says:

    milbury is a tool.

  2. NS2NOVA says:

    Actually, I think Ovie was calling Milbury a pu$$y.

  3. Kim says:

    We thought the same thing regarding the cat comment! I just love Ovie. Even when he is insulting someone he is brilliant (and can say it with that twinkle in his eye that nobody can resist). Of course, Milbury is so thick he probably would not have gotten it if Ovie just came out and called him the p-word.

  4. Lorne says:

    Someone should ask Milbury if he is being considered for any of the coach/GM openings around the league before he is allowed to critique anyone else. Milbury was the worst at those two professions and his broadcasting belongs on the same bottom rung

  5. Curtis says:

    So I just wasn’t the only one who got a little heated over that poor display of broadcasting last night. For pete sake…the guy is one of if not the best player in the league now and he gets blasted by that hump! Come on….NBC should put him in the mail room…he is the worst…mistake after mistake…and he is still there…OV should of checked that hump right out of the studio, but he took it in stride. What great presence to take being called a Dog..being told his lunch was being eaten by the fly guy, and then was told to get a hair cut!…Milbury introduce yourself to a treadmill and lay off the fast food you fat HUMP!…

  6. Seat 13 says:

    Granted I worship at the alter of the amazing 8, but I thought Milbury and Myer were horrible during the interview. NBC had a chance to showcase one of the top players in the league and they blew it. They chose to let the line of questioning revolve around moronic observations that Milbury made months ago. This is the man who basically traded away an all-star roster over his GM tenure. Nice that AO could rise above those clowns and laugh it off.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Milbury makes me cringe.

  8. dave says:

    Milbury might be the biggest tool of an “announcer” there is…

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