Knee-Jerks & Notes: Caps-Habs, 12/20

Knee-Jerk ReactionsBonjour, mes amis! Tonight’s knee-jerks come to you from the dynamic blogging duo of DC Sports Chick and Gustafsson. After seeing the vintage Canadiens in Tuesday’s screening of “The Rocket,” we were looking forward to watching the Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge take on the Red, White, and Blue.

  • First, the bad news: Pothier fractured his thumb and is week-to-week.
  • Not surprisingly, there were a healthy number of Habs fans, not to mention a sprinkling of Nordiques fans. Quebec was well-represented here tonight.
  • We love hearing both anthems at a game, especially when there’s an undercurrent of Canadian singers in the crowd. But no offense to Bitsy Watson, we’re Bob McDonald/Caleb Green fans.
  • Mites on Ice featured an apparent Florida feud: the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. the Florida Panthers. (The youth teams wore uniforms that looked incredibly similar to the pro teams.)
  • RDS interviewed Ovechkin during the first intermission. Unfortunately, we don’t know what he said. Incidentally, during the TV timeouts, RDS featured shots of typical D.C. landmarks (the White House, the Jefferson Memorial)- with simulated snow.
  • The Caps suffered from their typical second-period malaise, despite Backstrom’s goal. Giving up three goals on eight shots does not a winning game make. Either Kolzig is off tonight, or Huet is a monster; it’s a little of both, but mostly the former.
  • Beautiful goal by Semin! Too bad there weren’t more of those.
  • There was a special guest in Ted’s box tonight: Condoleeza Rice. (Don’t worry, she was too engrossed in conversation for most of the game to see how the Caps were doing.)
  • Great use of movie clips during the game, especially the “Frank the Tank” bit from “Old School” and the dance scene from “Napoleon Dynamite”.
  • Chanuck and I found out today that we’re having a girl, so his suggestion was to name the baby after the #1 star of the game. I prayed that Guillaume Latendresse or Roman Hamrlik weren’t named the star, because I wouldn’t know how to explain that one. And don’t get me started on Siarhei Kastsitsyn. Much to Gustafsson’s delight, Guillaume was named the #1 star. Nothing went right this night.

Gustafsson’s Knee-jerks:

  • Reiterating a point from above, I would be very happy if Bitsy did not sing another anthem in the booth. Her over-emphasised words come out sounding just awful… “Whore the ramparts we watched….” “Hand the rockets red glare…” Our friends to the north did not escape the new renditions as we heard “Ho Canada!”.
  • Miss New Jersey is here again, I guess she’s become his official Caps blogger? She seemed a bit miffed that she did not occupy the seat she had in previous games. Such drama.
  • In press row, it’s hard to gain insight from the out of town reporters when they’re speaking French. A lot of good high school Latin did me.
  • Seems like a sparse crowd for a game against a Canadian team (announced attendance was 12,670).
  • The first period saw a beautiful pass by Green to Kozlov, who promptly fired the shot into Huet’s gut.
  • Nice work by Backstrom on the goal after the feed by AO cutting the score to 2-1 Habs, however, the shots are not following… 18 for the Caps, 7 for the Habs.
  • Greg Wyshynski is sitting next to me and he mentioned to me that he heard on XM that the Red Wings are an impressive 20-1-1 outside of their division.
  • A negative effect of the goal judges being moved is the increased time between the puck entering the net and the lighting of the red light. I don’t like it.
  • Habs 3rd goal right off the faceoff. The shot clock disparity is even worse. It’s now 22 for the Caps…. a whopping 8 for the Habs.
  • Kozlov hits another post.¬† Perhaps he should aim that shot just a wee bit closer to the netminder, but away from his gut.
  • The Caps certainly got their shots tonight, but the majority were from the outside.¬† They lead 37 – 21.
  • The locker room after the game was barren.¬† A few players game out to speak to the media, but it was a somber mood.

After a lengthy wait, Kolzig met the press.¬† Clearly frustrated with the game, he said he’s going to take the tape of this game and throw it in the trash can.¬† He thought the team played well, but it was one of those nights where the pucks were bouncing their way and every one of Montreal’s shots was a chance that ended up in the net… one of those games as a goalie you hate.¬† “I mean look at the last goal, I make the save, the thing’s sitting between my legs and the guy digs it out and puts it in the net…¬† it was just one of those nights.”
Kolzig went on to say that they’re not playing bad hockey, but it’s a fine and they need to find a way to get on the positive side of that line more consistently.

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12 Responses to Knee-Jerks & Notes: Caps-Habs, 12/20

  1. WFY says:

    Little pink jerseys!

  2. steph says:

    Oh (or is that Ho?) I am so glad I am not the only one to wish Bitsy would sing elsewhere. They announce her and I always say “ho no”

  3. victor says:

    I like Bitsy’s voice…but, yeah, all of the h’s in front of a leading vowel is really, really annoying.

  4. vt caps fan says:

    Congrats to D.C.S.C. and Chanuck for the one on the way. Roman’s not a bad name. Do you really wish to have named the girl after #28? I don’t think that wouldn’t work too well. So it could be worse.
    Does Pothier’s broken thumb mean Eminger MAY see the ice?

  5. B.ORR4 says:

    I guess we finally get to find out if Brian Pothier is really the cause of all the Caps woes.

  6. HotDog88GT says:

    If Semin had waited any longer to take that shot we’d have had a 5-1 game.

  7. HotDog88GT says:

    And keep smiling that I’m-just-here-for-the-money smile, Kozlov, you bum. Your team is losing and you’re still yukkin’ it up in the 3rd period.

  8. OrderedChaos says:

    “They outplayed us. They were better than us.” Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau said. “We were lucky to get the points.”
    A very frustrating game from the stands… the team played pretty darned well overall but just couldn’t seal the deal.

  9. Murshawursha says:

    Seems to me Nylander never does the right thing with the puck… He either passes when he should shoot, shoots when he should pass, or just skates around in circles for some long that he misses any chance to do either… I remember last night after a particularly long series of circling he simply passed the puck to a Canadien, prompting a fan one section over to shout, “Nice pass, you bum!” and me to double over laughing.

  10. MulletMan says:

    Murshawursha wrote:
    prompting a fan one section over to shout, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìNice pass, you bum!?¢‚Ǩ? and me to double over laughing.
    I can’t believe that fan wasn’t me :p

  11. Westmorland says:

    Bitsy actually makes me long for Peter Barton and Elmer Fudd. She’s got to be the worst of the anthem singers, and I almost cried when I saw she was going to be singing last night. I’ve emailed Ted several times to no avail. Between the Whoring of the Land and the cutsey two hands on the mike for “home of the brave” she drives me insane. Not to mention the fact that she’s usually off key. She’s an embarrassment to the Capitals organization

  12. Cathy W says:

    While Bitsy is not my favorite anthem singer, some of the anthem singers used by the Mystics this past summer were truly awful. A few didn’t get all the words right, many created a new melody for the anthem, and many took a long time to finish. While listening to them, I kept praying that the Caps would never use them to sing the anthem. At least, Bitsy doesn’t sing at an extremely slow pace in an effort to extend a Star Search moment.

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