2007 Frozen Four

The 2007 Frozen Four is now set. Here is the updated bracket:

2007 Frozen Four Bracket

After a break next weekend, St. Louis, Missouri, will host North Dakota vs. Boston College and Maine vs. Michigan State in semifinal games on April 5th. Both games will be aired on ESPN2. The championship game will be on the 7th of April on ESPN.

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9 Responses to 2007 Frozen Four

  1. Bea Schue says:

    Can you tell me if the Frozen Four games will be telecast on ESPN2, Green Bay, WI. My husband is a devout North Dakota fan, having graduated from UND, and hasn’t been able to find the games listed in our local TV schedule.

  2. Betty says:

    Why isn’t there any stories on ESPN concerning the Frozen Four,afterall doesn;t it start tomorrow? Please!
    Go N.D.Sioux

  3. John says:

    It’s ridiculous how little coverage NCAA hockey gets nationally.

  4. Montanajefe says:

    Thursday : Looks like Maine versus Michigan State at 4:00PM, UND V BC at 8:00PM, both on ESPN2 what I don’t know if that is EST, CST, or??
    Saturday: Championship 7:00PM ESPN again, no idea EST, CST or??
    Love that college hockey!! Go WCHA

  5. I can’t confirm this, cause I was at the Caps’ game last night, but in the office this morning I heard that last night ESPN televised the women’s college hoops final on its two primary outlets, ESPN and ESPN2 . . . at the same time. Talk about overkill of the unappealing.

  6. Montanajefe says:

    Just saw that times for games of semi’s and final are eastern time zone.

  7. Aaron Abraham says:

    John no kidding I feel the same way but belieave you me tv stations spend millions each year to figure out what makes them money or not. I have been watching espn just like Betty and have been disappointed also. What do you all think about the FIGHTING SIOUX logo should the ncaa actually punish UND for supporting the Native Americans. I am German/Noriegan but would be very proud to be pure bread Sioux right now.

  8. myspace.com/jam1so check it out

  9. correction it’s myspace.com/jam1son

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