Knee-jerk reactions: vs. New Jersey, 2/25/07

knee jerkNice game overall by the Caps today. Given yesterday’s win in the swamps of Jersey, there was a good chance the Devils would come to town and take a pound of flesh from the Caps in the form of an old-school beat-down. But despite the loss the team put forth a solid effort.

  • After 32 straight starts for Marty, the hardest working goalie in the NHL, he watches from the bench today.
  • Did we spy Brodeur sporting a mullet while enjoying the bench?
  • Semin circles like a shark: at times he seems dispassionate, but then he smells blood in the water and attacks. With more consistent effort he could be one of the best in the league, but he’s still pretty damned good.
  • Fleischmann had a nice pass through the crease on the power play, only bright spot of the 1st PP.
  • Caps’ 1st goal looked more like a PP than the PP did . . . nice cycling, nice patience . . . granted, it was a lucky bounce, but good teamwork.
  • Per GMGM, the Caps will be active in/before the trade deadline but will not deal away young players.
  • Clemmensen leaves rebounds that Brodeur does not.
  • Rupp vs. Suts — give the decision to Suts with the late strikes even with less of a reach than Rupp
  • Lukovich with a puck to the face to end the 2nd and stayed on the bench instead of the locker room . . . that has to hurt.
  • Erskine seemed to have been burned on NJ’s first 2 goals.
  • Caps looked flat in the 3rd, perhaps the 2nd straight matinée was showing its wear?
  • Brent Johnson looked good . . . obviously he needs to play more often to be effective.
  • I miss the intermission interviews with the GM back when Poile had the duties . . . although I’m not sure it would be as good now since GMGM is very tight-lipped
  • Finally, Ovechkin with a goal . . . and not a garbage goal either; will this break the dam or merely crack it?
  • Questionable call on Pothier which lead to a PP goal for NJ . . . looked like he got puck, but perhaps too late?

Two points of a home-and-home weekend against the Devils is not bad, but I think we could have had more.

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