Washington Wears White

Tom Williams - 1974-1976 - White PantsNHL.com takes a look at another Washington claim to fame, White Pants.

The 1970s were a time of leisure suits, plaid patterns, various neck chains and for one hockey team, an unusual fashion statement … white pants.
In the 1974-75 season, the original Washington Capitals home uniforms featured a red, white and blue jersey and white hockey pants. It was the only time in NHL history that players wore white pants as part of a home uniform.

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3 Responses to Washington Wears White

  1. pepper says:

    White pants aside, we need to have the vintage sweaters back for a few games a year, like they are doing in Van.
    I’d love to see Ovechkin wear the stars and stripes.
    Anyone know where I could get a vintage Ovechkin made? With the authentic old lettering? And I don’t mean buying a new “vintage” jersey with the logo as a patch. I hate that.

  2. Mike Saelens says:

    Actually, I covered the Caps in ’74-’75, and this was the road uniform, NOT the home one. Back then, NHL teams wore whites at home and darks on the road.
    The guy in the picture, btw, is the late Tommy Williams, the first team captain.

  3. Gustafsson says:

    Thanks for the insight, Mike.
    And welcome to our little blog. Comment anytime. Your views are more than welcomed.

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