Buffalo Fails to Break Record

It couldn’t be solved in neither regulation nor overtime, but the Atlanta Thrashers prevented the Buffalo Sabres from breaking an NHL record by starting the season 11-0 by winning beating in a shootout 5-4.

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3 Responses to Buffalo Fails to Break Record

  1. Meza44 says:

    This is why shootouts need to go away. I wold rather give them, Buffalo, a tie and * next to the record then have them lose in a shootout. You could argue in both cases, for and against, that Buffalo didn’t win in regulation or OT and doesn’t deserve the record, but on the other hand Atlanta couldn’t beat them in regualtion or OT either and they should not be record killers.
    Just my $.02

  2. Three of the Buffalo wins were shootout wins. In pre-lockout years they would not have had a shot at thios “record” because they would have already had 3 ties.

  3. pepper says:

    Definitely in my mind this remains an ongoing “unbeaten” streak.

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