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Friday Hockey Funnies From The Onion

Today’s issue of The Onion features a fun hockey jab: NHL Finishes Freezing Water For 2011 Season. Given the Verizon Center’s past ice woes, Capitals fans may appreciate this article more than most—though I for one am optimistic that the Caps’ ice sheet will improve this season, partly due to the cooler temperature in the stands. Continue reading

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Verizon Center Gets Free Wi-Fi Access

Good news over at Ted’s Take for fans of the Capitals, Wizards, and Mystics:

We have installed free, unrestricted wireless Internet access at Verizon Center, and it’s currently available for Mystics games and will be available for the upcoming Capitals and Wizards seasons. Our new FanAccess Wi-Fi network allows fans with wireless devises the ability to connect to the web from their seats.

This move is a leap forward for fans’ connectivity during games—both for incoming information and for sharing observations directly from the event. Continue reading

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Ted Leonsis Tackles Phone Booth Food Fears

ESPN.com released a report regarding health inspections conducted at all 107 NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA stadiums. Health issues are common in restaurants, of course, and minor violations are often impossible to avoid completely. But unfortunately (and, to me, surprisingly), the Verizon Center had the highest percentage of food vendors in violation among all 107 stadiums, tied with Tropicana Field.

I asked Ted Leonsis about the issue, as Monumental Sports & Entertainment recently assumed ownership of the arena. Mr. Leonsis, always eyebrow-raising in his impressive management and marketing savvy (not to mention his response time), almost immediately addressed the issue via his blog: Continue reading

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Junior Seau Gets A Handle On Things

Tonight is the premier of the NHL Equipment Manager episode of Sports Jobs with Junior Seau on Versus (11:30 p.m., again at 2:00 a.m.). Seau accompanied the Capitals for their trip up to Boston to open the season. This first … Continue reading

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A Far-Flung Fan’s First Visit to His Hockey Home

Patrick hails from Lynn Lake, Manitoba — 700 miles north of Winnipeg. As I type this, tomorrow’s forecast calls for a high of -18¬? F . . . and the wind chill currently is -46 ¬?F. This small mining town (pop. 800) in the Great White North has nothing remotely approximating NHL hockey, yet Patrick adopted the Capitals a long time ago as his team. Continue reading

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To Russia with Love

Monday evening, April 2: I’m preparing to pick up my fiancee and head over to my friends’ house for Passover. I’m not Jewish, but joining them for the Seder has become a greatly-anticipated annual tradition (and the fact that they’re excellent cooks doesn’t hurt). Continue reading

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