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Ovie Comes On Down To The Price Is Right

Set your DVRs for goofy fun: Ovie will be on The Price Is Right on Monday, December 20th at 11:00 a.m. Eastern.
How much would you pay to see a Happy Gilmore-type throwdown, except this time between Sidney Crosby and the newly-svelte Drew Carey? Continue reading

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NHL’s Countdown to the Classic Begins

December is hereā€”and the NHL has released its Countdown to the Classic month-long schedule of Classic-related events.

Of note are the four official broadcast dates for HBO’s “24/7” series, as well as intriguing NHL.com coverage of the building of the rink (time-lapse video, interactive features, etc.). Read on for much, much more: Continue reading


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26 Letters’ Worth of NHL Preview

DJ Gallo turns his entertainingly-snarky keyboard toward the hockey today, with his A-Z preview of the 2010-11 NHL Season. Included are several Capitals-related blurbs, such as: Continue reading

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Is Ovechkin The Coolest?

ESPN is conducting a “State of the Sports Union,” their 2009 survey of sports fans. Hockey makes a few appearances among the 50 questions, but Washington’s own Alexander Ovechkin is one of the choices for #35: “Who is the coolest person in sports?”
Ovie stands in sixth place on the 15-person list at the moment . . . so head on over to the survey and move him up a few notches. Continue reading

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