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Diary Of A Fight

Newly-minted Capital D.J. King fought Shawn Thornton Tuesday night at the Verizon Center. The heavyweight bout is herewith chronicled in pictures. Continue reading

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Does Washington Need a Watchdog?

Time and again we’ve listened patiently to the game’s critics of enforcement and fighting suggest that were the league merely to rigorously sanction instances of egregious violence, there’d be no need for skating predators and pain merchants. So what are we to do with the league’s blind eye toward Koci? Shrug and wait for the next skilled Capital crumpled upon the ice from thuggery, apparently. Or should we? Continue reading

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From One Fan to Another: Fighting and the NHL

The yearly debate has started up again: should the NHL outlaw fighting? Every year after the All-Star break, the debate on whether or not fighting has a place in the game starts. Some pundits think fighting has always had a place in the game and others question whether or not it endangers players. The question, however, shouldn’t be ‘should fighting be outlawed’ but rather, ‘who should be able to fight?’ Continue reading

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