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Young Guns II, By the Numbers

Hockey is a fluid and complicated game. Sabermetrics’ VORP and OPS and WAR seem to fit baseball well, if a bit coldly. Hockey doesn’t lend itself to discrete analysis the same way baseball does — for baseball, at its core, is a very individual sport when compared to hockey’s constant interaction between players on the ice (not to mention 18 players on each team changing lines on the fly).

Still, observational and emotional analysis can benefit from a reexamination; stats aren’t the end-all of analysis, but sometimes delving into the numbers can shed a different light on a debate. I will try to avoid, as Andrew Lang once wrote, using statistics “as a drunken man uses lampposts — for support rather than for illumination.” Continue reading


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New Role Fits Brooks Laich’s Style

There’s a general perception among Washington writers that forward Brooks Laich is one of the team leaders on the Capitals roster. So his new on-ice responsibility seems a natural fit: helping orchestrate the power play from the blue line.

“I don’t know – we’d been struggling, just not getting a lot of chances,” Laich said of how he wound up on the point. After a recent injury to defenseman Dennis Wideman, Laich said, “Bruce asked me if I’d like to go back there, and I said I’d give it a shot.”
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Beating Dat Beat, Irish-Style

The craziness that is DC’s annual ShamrockFest has just gotten a little more . . . Jersey. DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore “fame” is the latest performer to sign on for the annual beer-soaked all-day party. Given the Washington Capitals’ love of Pauly’s “Beat Dat Beat,” as evidenced by this clip from HBO’s 24/7, perhaps fans will spy some undercover Caps players bouncing to the beat at the event—which falls on an off-day between home games (March 12). Continue reading

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Floor Hockey With Ovi and Brooks

Yesterday’s Capitals Convention was a chance for the Caps to interact with 7,000 of their fans—as you can imagine, an exercise in controlled chaos. The day was good fun for all, though I suspect nobody had more fun than the youth players pictured below playing floor hockey with two “ringers.” Continue reading

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Where Brooks Laich Gets Reminded About Hockey History, Roots

It’s rare that hockey players answer questions in poetry, not prose.

But sometimes you get lucky. I asked Brooks Laich on Thursday to name the coolest place he’s ever visited that’s associated with hockey history. It could be anything – a rink, a bar reminiscent of Toe Blake’s Tavern, the place where Wayne Gretzky lost his baby teeth . . . and he began waxing poetic for me. Continue reading

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Brooks Laich on What Makes a Leader

One surprising statement at the end of last season was Brooks Laich telling the media he needed to mature as a leader. His reputation as such is already well-established in Capitals circles (for example, when Caps prospect Braden Holtby was asked this summer who he looks up to in the locker room, Laich was the player he chose to mention by name).

Five months after Laich alluded to developing his locker room presence, he explained further this week what that role would look like. Continue reading

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