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Young Guns II, By the Numbers

Hockey is a fluid and complicated game. Sabermetrics’ VORP and OPS and WAR seem to fit baseball well, if a bit coldly. Hockey doesn’t lend itself to discrete analysis the same way baseball does — for baseball, at its core, is a very individual sport when compared to hockey’s constant interaction between players on the ice (not to mention 18 players on each team changing lines on the fly).

Still, observational and emotional analysis can benefit from a reexamination; stats aren’t the end-all of analysis, but sometimes delving into the numbers can shed a different light on a debate. I will try to avoid, as Andrew Lang once wrote, using statistics “as a drunken man uses lampposts — for support rather than for illumination.” Continue reading

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Confirmed: No Blu-Ray For 24/7 Penguins Capitals

For those of you who were holding off pre-ordering HBO’s “24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic” to see if HBO was going to announce a Blu-Ray version (as I was), wait no longer: HBO will be releasing Pens/Caps on DVD only.

HBO’s Sports Media Relations department confirmed that no Blu-Ray version is planned; they also pointed out that “this [will be] the first time a ’24/7′ has ever been available for purchase.” In other words, baby steps. Continue reading

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The Great One, Gordie Howe, and More

Want to see an in-his-prime Wayned Gretzky centering Alex Ovechkin? How about Ray Bourque anchoring the Caps’ blueline? Check out Legends Mode in EA Sports’ NHL 12. Continue reading

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Kudos for Caps Fans

Twitterlove for Caps fans from Caps players Continue reading

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Another Rematch with Another Old Rival

For the second time in three years the Washington Capitals open the NHL postseason against the New York Rangers, an old Patrick division rival. Of the first five playoff series Alexander Ovechkin and the rebuilt Caps since first qualifying for the postseason together in 2008, four have come against old Patrick foes.

Correspondingly, those bitter rivalries have been freshly renewed by the showdowns. That’s how hockey hatred is developed. In the sorta old days, you first had to best your Patrick foes in divisional play before advancing toward Eastern conference supremacy. There is a bit of that feeling to all these Patrick division springtime reunions, albeit spread out over a couple of seasons. Continue reading

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Photo File: Capitals vs. Blues

I spent Thursday’s Caps-Blues tilt in the club level, on the red line, which afforded a great perch from which to shoot the game. A decisive bout for Matt Bradley, Jason Arnott’s first goal as a Capital, and a closely-contested home-team victory—it was a surprisingly intense game for two teams that barely know each other. Continue reading

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Beating Dat Beat, Irish-Style

The craziness that is DC’s annual ShamrockFest has just gotten a little more . . . Jersey. DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore “fame” is the latest performer to sign on for the annual beer-soaked all-day party. Given the Washington Capitals’ love of Pauly’s “Beat Dat Beat,” as evidenced by this clip from HBO’s 24/7, perhaps fans will spy some undercover Caps players bouncing to the beat at the event—which falls on an off-day between home games (March 12). Continue reading

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NHL’s Countdown to the Classic Begins

December is here—and the NHL has released its Countdown to the Classic month-long schedule of Classic-related events.

Of note are the four official broadcast dates for HBO’s “24/7” series, as well as intriguing NHL.com coverage of the building of the rink (time-lapse video, interactive features, etc.). Read on for much, much more: Continue reading

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OFB TV: Tara & Lis Review Capitals vs. Thrashers

Tara Wheeler and Elisabeth Meinecke discuss the Caps’ wild 6-4 victory over the Atlanta Thrashers, John Erskine’s 2/3 of a Gordie Howe Hat Trick, Alex Semin and Alex Ovechkin switching bodies, and other highlights from the game. Continue reading

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Pri ‘Viet from Moscow!

Greetings from Russia! We’ve not yet seen much of Moscow beyond our hotel lobby/bar and the arenas, though we hope to remedy that tomorrow as Friday is the one day with no scheduled games. More ruminations on culture, food & drink are coming as soon as we can; the frenetic pace we’re keeping is dizzyingly intense, both at the games and post-game creation/editing of columns and photos into the wee hours. Last night I gratefully sank into a deep six and a half hours’ sleep–by far the most on the trip on any given night. Continue reading

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