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Schadenfreude in Texas

Kudos to the Dallas Stars’ marketing department for this clever billboard-based dig at the NBA’s referee scandal: Unsurprisingly, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban loved the billboard according to the Dallas Morning News: “I think it’s hysterical,” Cuban told the newspaper. … Continue reading

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Only God Can Save Baseball in Baltimore

History — of the lurid, malicious, nauseating, revolting, and unfathomable kind — was made at Camden Yards Wednesday afternoon. According to ESPN, Texas’ 30 runs, 27-run victory represent the great smackdown in baseball since 1897. That’s the nineteenth century — … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude, Upstate New York Style

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A Picture (of Prominent Pens Golfing) Is Worth a Thousand Cans of Iron City

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Spring’s Sweetest Scent: Rotting Penguin Carcass

The Thursday post-work agenda is slobber-inducing: mosy on over to the Capitol Hill home of close friends and take in Game 5 on their straight-out-of-the-delivery-box-on-Wednesday, 46-inch hi-def television. I’m distinctly technology challenged, but I believe it boasts something like a … Continue reading

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***Breaking News*** — Pens Make No Progress with Pittsburgh Pols

Pittsburgh CBS television affiliate KDKA this afternoon is reporting that Penguins’ owner Mario Lemieux is set to inform NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that months’-long discussions between the team and city officials have produced little toward an agreement on a new … Continue reading

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“The Ghost” to Crosby: Please Leave

One of our favourite words at OFB is Schadenfreude: “enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others.” Our latest enjoyment comes from Dallas, where everything is bigger, but not Sidney Crosby. According to Martin Leclerc at Le Journal de Montreal, Crosby … Continue reading

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Update: Project Pennsylvania Moving Vans

No fewer than three fresh items of delicious print media to acknowledge for Schadenfreude-minded Caps’ fans as it relates to Mullet Insolvency and Homelessness. The first, which runs in this morning’s Pittsburgh Tribune Review, is headlined “Lemieux ‘very disappointed’ over … Continue reading

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“That’s the most embarrasing thing I’ve seen on the National Hockey League ice”

That was the quote from colour commentator Ray Ferraro in the Stars / Oilers game last night. I am so glad I stayed up to watch it. The Stars were up by one. The Oilers pulled the netminder. Patrik Stefan … Continue reading

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On Mullets and Moving Vans

This past Wednesday, the city of Pittsburgh stunned Pennsylvanians generally and the hockey fans there most particularly, and most especially NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, when the mulleted town fathers voted to award a $50 million slots license to Majestic Star … Continue reading

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