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Fry, Saturday Night, and the All-Rush Mix Tape

A fun 80s-reference-filled Saturday video clip for your enjoyment. “He’s a madman . . . a maaaaadman!”

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On the Road Again for Rock

I’m in Hershey amid some Bears’ hard-rockers for the Rush concert in Hershey Stadium tonight. I’ve had good sport with DC Sports Chick the past 24 hours, whose Canuck husband wanted to name their first child Geddy (irrespective of gender) … Continue reading

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Rush Rocks Red Rocks

This week I made a what I regarded as a sacred pilgrimage to see my favorite rock band. You could say that Rush’s Geddy Lee gave a star performance at Red Rocks this week, but as is the case with … Continue reading

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Song for the Surge

It’s clear from hearing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ both in the arena and blaring in the victorious locker room that the Capitals have selected that song as their anthem. OFB wonders what song our readers think best matches the Caps’ … Continue reading

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A Canadian Reminds Us That There’s More to Life Than Hockey — and Mostly I Agree

Annually at Christmas I’m gifted books that over the course of the calendar year I’ve identified to¬†family and friends as¬†significant and ensnaring of my attention. The result is a modest pyramid of them late each December that, due to my … Continue reading

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For Those About To Rock, OFB Salutes You

The soundtrack of the pro hockey arena the past two-plus decades, perhaps predictably, has nightly included one of Canada’s most idiosyncratic exports: Geddy, Alex, and Neil — Rush. I’m not sure I’ve watched an NHL game on TV the last … Continue reading

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Morning cup-a-joe (1/12/07)

Saturday is Hockey Day in Canada, and OFB is celebrating it in spirited style. Mr. and Mrs. Gustafsson are hosting a day- and evening-long multi-media and culinary indulgence at Chez Gustaffson. We’re frying a turkey, sipping tapped beer, and of … Continue reading

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The Over-35 Beer Leaguer: A Lament

The dancer slows her frantic pace In pain and desperation Her aching limbs and downcast face Aglow with perspiration Stiff as wire, her lungs on fire With just the briefest pause Flooding through her memory The echoes of old applause … Continue reading

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