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Linemate for a Lifetime

Together we blistered slapshots from every conceivable angle, fed each other for one-timers, played games of posts with a couple of other puck pals, and just lost ourselves in the fantastic frigidness of timeless, unsupervised shinny. Continue reading

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Showers of Playoff Victories Bring a Flowering of Faithful Fans

The Big Guy’s blog, from earlier today — a must read. Jives with what we’ve seen about town, ever since the Caps bettered the Bs. And should Fate smile our way Saturday night, we can only imagine what this town … Continue reading

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A Hockey Bar Is a Great Place To Meet a Hockey Legend

In Bugsy’s Sunday afternoon three Marines in their dress blues knew exactly who Dale Hunter was two tables over, and the coach knew exactly who they were. Coach Johnson, too, seated with his new boss, greeted the soldiers with warm … Continue reading

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Cooling, Heavenly Nectar Is Here!

Earlier this week we received most helpful confirmation from some Twitter followers that the world’s greatest beer, Nova Scotia’s Alexander Keith’s, had indeed arrived in our region. A special thanks to GaryJ06 for the store find in Montgomery County (Grape … Continue reading

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Washington, the Hockey and Now Fast-Beer-Dispensing Town

What a week it’s been for beer! Saturday afternoon’s Caps-Kings matinee brought the hockey game debut of bottoms up beer dispensing in front of section 114 at Verizon Center. “Magic happens at section 114” Ted Leonsis wrote in almost poetic … Continue reading

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Some Call It God’s Tears, and Soon They’re Falling Upon Us

We figured that you needed some good news today, and we’re here to deliver the best . . . in the history of humanity.  The greatest beer on planet Earth (that we’ve ever consumed) soon, at long last, will be … Continue reading

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My Inner Viking, Roused by the Arrival of Mr. Deep Freeze

The mercury must fall below 20 before I entertain any notion of donning a touque, and gloves (a real rarity) — my inner Viking won’t have it otherwise. We aren’t there yet this week, though Washington’s air early this a.m. … Continue reading

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Lessons in Refined Roadtripping

I propose the formation of a Hall of Fame for those puckheads who distinguish themselves with exceptional execution in the fine art of hockey roadtripping. My friends Mike and Marleen of Portland, Maine, I submit, would be first ballot nominees. … Continue reading

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Hugs Instead of Handshakes

Apologies for being a bit AWOL this weekend; I had a wonderful off-ice intrusion of real life: a remarkable gathering of high school brothers — we don’t call one another classmates, for reasons I’m about to detail — for our … Continue reading

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Beer should NEVER be green.

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