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A Scandal in Sports To Out-Scandal All Others

Like just about every other office on planet Earth these days, mine is water cooler-consumed by L’affair Tiger. And how could we not be? With Tiger’s out-of-wedlock trail of tail, leading him apparently even into trailer parks in hot pursuit, … Continue reading

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The Washington Capitals Red Rockers Headshots

With all eyes on the west coast road trip, the Washington Capitals quietly debuted the Red Rockers presence on the team’s web site.  The eager eye of the official message boards sniffed it out.  There are no individual bios — … Continue reading

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Hockey’s Past, In Pictures

I’ve long been fascinated with old issues of LIFE Magazine.  I came across a few when I was ten years old and couldn’t stop reading them; the photos and ads held some sort of vintage magic for me.  And that … Continue reading

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From the Mouths of Babes

Certain members of OFB are thrilled that the Capitals are starting auditions for the Spirit Squad today. My only hope is that the Spirit Squad has a blog, similar to the Nashville Predators Dancers and Goal Girls, or the Blue … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Your Headshots

We haven’t heard much since the flurry of activity in the middle of July and it’s hard to find a link on the Caps web site, but today is the start of a new era for the Washington Capitals.¬† Registration … Continue reading

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Charmed, I’m Sure

Given Puck Daddy’s recent obsession with Alyssa Milano’s touch clothing line, I figured it was time to take a look. I saw her MLB designs last year, and wasn’t hugely impressed. So when I initially heard about her NHL offerings, … Continue reading

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Morning Cup-a-Spirit: This Bigotry Against Babes, I Won’t Stand for It!

To read the reactions left only here related to the Caps’ plans, announced over the weekend, to introduce SpiritBabes to the team’s home games next season, you’d think management announced that Verizon Center was hosting 41 brothels next winter. It’s … Continue reading

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The Whims of a Hopeless Romantic

He will be hanging his hockey sweater in D.C. another year. She, a member of the St. Louis Aces,¬†will be visiting D.C. July 23, to meet our Washington Kastles. Compatriots, and one-time paramours, life this decade has taken them on … Continue reading

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Bates and the Batty Blogger

Back in February 2007, I wrote a post at my old blog about a woman who called herself “Michael Jordan’s Mistress” because she had one or two encounters with Jordan several years ago when she was living in North Carolina. … Continue reading

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A Reason to Smile

Though the double overtime loss may cause many to frown, we at OFB have a reason to smile. DC Sports Chick and her husband Chanuck have announced the birth of their first child, DC Sports Chicklet. The Washington Capitals acquired … Continue reading

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